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42 Paris Hilton Does Zero Point Energy (2008-08-09)

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0:00:19JCD congested in Washington; Olympics opening ceremony with giant footprint fireworks, JCD unimpressed by volleyball players, ACC on women’s field hockey, pole vaulter’s “thong”; reporters focusing on smog mist, JCD on Vietnamese clouds, ACC’s friend’s Mongolia photos
0:08:59ACC headed for another CPB adventure, laptop booting countdown timer joke; White House falsified WMD documents, whistleblowing on UK surveillance of liquid explosives plotters
0:15:29ACC’s family home movies transferred from Super 8 to DVD, hot lion sex, Taj Mahal & Acropolis, Kyoto Three Sisters Inn, ACC: “it has a very high Zapruder kind of vibe to it”, JCD on DAT tapes and negatives; Ron Suskind’s The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism on WMD hoax
0:22:04JCD drinking vanilla Earl Grey; UK grocery store checkout cameras for alcohol purchase central command, not allowed to buy two products with acetaminophen because of overdoses; US “free speech zones”; John Edwards’ sex scandal ignored in US, Obama being booed, Paris Hilton in the mix, ACC: Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter “not hot”
0:33:08White House press conference on evidence for anthrax letter suspect Bruce Ivins
0:35:14ACC reding about Nikola Tesla and free energy, early investor J.P. Morgan, global conspiracy to control all energy, JCD on British eccentricity: “do you think it’s maybe like in the water”, island fever and England-Europe land bridge; “kooky” free energy tinkerers no longer being killed, JCD recommends “zero point energy” YouTube search, next up: antigravity
0:52:16Fannie & Freddie, ACC: “the UK is literally bankrupt”, JCD: invest right after elections, Hillary and the superdelegates, JCD: “I think … the public eventually is going to go has this guy ever actually held a job?”, “well-spoken” meme, party bragging rights, Hillary nomination would risk all black voters; staged Jesse Jackson “cut his nuts out” comment
1:05:02JCD on McCain’s joke writers for talk show circuit, “Obama energy policy” tire pressure gauge “public service announcement”; Funny or Die Paris Hilton response to McCain energy policy ad, producer drawing ideas from Bush speech; ACC on small newspapers stealing web content from the big guys, Scotsman stealing Gamesweasel reviews, papers possessive of headlines, ACC on missing e-mail subject lines, “from now on every e-mail I send you’s gonna have a subject Zero Point Energy
1:18:12ACC: “No Agenda: we don’t know anything about nothin’”; JCD: “you’ve basically buried me with the dirt you’ve been throwing out of that hole you’re digging”