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429 Gross, Surprising & Scary (2012-07-22)

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0:00:00JCD: (helium voice)Hey JC, stop uploading porn!” (1:08:24)
0:00:32ACC’s Zoom H4n backup recorder, Hot Pockets 2009 Tour mobile studio under construction
0:02:17Photos of “Batman shooter” James Holmes with different nose and ears; “I do believe” from The View idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck; ACC on false flag indicator “a drill on the same day with the same type of scenario”, theater shooting featured in training exercise at Rocky Vista University; Reps. Carolyn Maloney & Jan Schakowsky going after ammo; Obama & Bloomberg propagating “hunting and shooting” memes; Ice-T: “last form of defense against tyranny”
0:15:30France 24 on gun control as minor issue thus far in election; HBO Newsroom gripes about Obama’s F grades from the Brady Campaign; Michael Chertoff all-in on “early warning signs”
0:22:03Sketchy Aurora “eyewitness” recounts the events of the attack in police language, no mention of “crazy orange hair”, description of shooter like a cop in SWAT gear; Holmes’ anomalous Tennessee license plates; Inside Edition throws out every known “violent video games” meme; CVC traumatized by watching Gulf War coverage; judge forbids cameras in courtroom
0:32:21Producer Segment: wacky post-Napoleonic Dutch names; ACC’s Bynolyt binoculars
0:44:03Moody’s considering downgrades for Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg; JCD Red Book: De Niro and Travolta “island shopping” in Greece; Yalta-style “big four” meeting in Rome
0:51:54Drone GPS spoofer Dr. Todd Humphreys testifies before boneheads in House subcommittee about “a day when I can get a burrito delivered to my doorstep” (CotD); Rep. Ted Poe warns “the drones are coming”; UN warns about drones over Somalia; Executive Order 13620 Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Somalia; S.1335 Pilot’s Bill of Rights “controlled substance violations”, NOTAM Improvement Program
1:10:31RT on rash of “chillingly coordinated” bombings in Iraq, threats from al-Qaeda leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed several times by US forces, JCD: “he doesn’t exist, hello!”; BBC reporter at movie set in Syria with campfire “burning barricades” and edited-in gunfire; Sen. Johnny Isakson: refugees being shot in the back; captured pro-Assad colonel with pixelated face; retired Syrian general to Soledad O’Brien: “first of all they already used” pepper spray as chemical weapon; Al Sharpton’s bumbling narration of UC Davis pepper spray incident
1:32:06NATO “Operation Damascus Volcano”, US spoofing Syrian TV, underreported abstentions by Pakistan and South Africa; ironic S.1039 Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act mandating better protections for Russian whistleblowers than for American whistleblowers
1:42:41Donation Segment: “do not resuscitate the slave”
2:03:16“Slave supermarket” produce section locations; New York City eyeing alcohol regulation
2:08:01War on Cash: UK bureaucrat David Gauke declares paying plumbers in cash to be “morally wrong”; Visa Prepaid Citizen Card “everything I need on one bit of plastic”
2:12:04Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá killed in car crash; Voula Papachristou expelled from Greek Olympic team for “racist” tweet; Steven van Zandt apologizes for UK “police state” tweet
2:18:07Ulsterman “Military Insider”: Leo Gerard running Néstor Kirchner script from Argentina, former first lady Eva Perón’s corpse on tour, JCD: “who’s her opening act?”
2:22:53Eleven-year-old boy flies from Manchester to Rome without documents; “gross, surprising, and scary” HPV hot spots at TSA security checkpoints; International Antiviral Society funded by big pharma; Democracy Now links prison and HIV; DEFRA: cats are spreading tuberculoses
2:36:05ACC anticipating “Illuminati New World Order symbolism” in Olympic opening ceremony
2:40:39Greenland “97% melted” and preventing 20-foot sea level rise; USDA registering gardens