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428 Muslim Hugger (2012-07-22)

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0:00:00ACC: “Have you hugged a Muslim today?” (2:13:27)
0:00:32Aurora Colorado “The Dark Knight Rises movie massacre!”, same scripted interviews on every network; CBS 48 Hours aired within 48 hours with ludicrous scripted questions about “journals, manifestos, notes”; Don Lemon steps on Stephen Baldwin advocating for PATRIOT Act “red flag”; Robyn Thomas mangles District of Columbia v. Heller as “limited right to have a gun in your home for self-defense”; CBC quick to blame “decline in mental health services”
0:13:21ABC retracts story linking James Holmes and Colorado Tea Party; Piers Morgan trots out prepared line “the day to debate it … would have been yesterday”, “biggest shooting” lie, law professor David Kope cut off after pointing out controversy “sells a lot of commercials”; May 17 DHS warning about terrorist attacks on theaters; “one more suspect” in early ABC report; eyewitness tells Sean Hannity about her “direct view of where the camera guy, er, where the, excuse me, where the shooter was standing”; New York cop speculates “maybe he has a sect”
0:22:14United Nations Arms Trade Treaty championed by Lucifer Clinton; Bill Moyers’ Shakespeare-quoting video spewing every known anti-NRA meme and a whole lot of lies
0:36:20Forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner mocking “loser” James Holmes’ sexual inadequacy
0:41:10Producer Segment: Freefall Effect No Agenda EP
0:47:03Drunk Japanese “shut up, slave!”;
Hot Pockets 2009 Tour plans
0:53:28JCD “dress rehearsal” theory, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force assigned to domestic terrorism; DHS buys 400M hollow point rounds; JCD watching for botches like “command center” high school; fake tweets from father of victim Alex Sullivan, “you have the right person” from Holmes’ mother, “the bullet came through the wall”, neighbor goes off script with “we never even seen him!”, ACC: “you are officially now a crackpot”; DHS check-list for theaters, “puker” Victoria Recaño on pulled trailer for Gangster Squad which “eerily echoes” shooting
1:11:59Ulsterman “Military Insider” reveals Obama 2012 “By Any Means Necessary” document
1:14:00Aurora distraction from congressional hearings on drug money laundering by US banks; 2011 report by Max Keiser correlating economic downturn with ebb in drug money; FDIC’s Sheila Bair red-flags her LIBOR lie by repeating the question “did I know about it?” and babbling incoherently; IMF whistleblower Peter Doyle quits “tainted” organization in disgust; Der Spiegel reports IMF considering cutting off Greece altogether; Bill Clinton in Greece pushing Hellenic Initiative to sell assets to Saudi Arabia, JCD Red Book: Bill’s island
1:27:27AP astounded to find Haitian rebuilding is not going so well, $988M diverted to banks as “debt relief”; USAID PSA begging “every shaman, tuk tuk driver” for Horn of Africa relief
1:31:01Donation Segment: PBS fires Fred Willard hours after his arrest in a porn theater
1:46:0860 Minutes pushing Steve Jobs biography published by a division of CBS; Fox “could you have adult ADHD?” pseudo-PSA; ACC recommends allegedly North Korean Propaganda film
1:49:18San Francisco restaurants pocketing healthcare fees; “merguez” vocabulary guessing game
1:56:56Michele Bachmann to Eagle Forum on State Department illegally hosting Muslim Brotherhood representative; McCain mispronounces “Huma”; Rep. Louie Gohmert grills Lucy Napolitano about sketchy DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary, ACC irked by “happens to be Muslim” trope, Gohmert the Muslim hugger, “I’m asking you if you know simple facts!” shit show (CotD)
2:20:21Syrian Olympics head denied visa for London games; logo cops vs “official Olympic podcast”
2:27:22And Now Back to Real News: Katherine Jackson MIA; 21 injured in Tony Robbins fire walk
2:32:2890 days in jail for insulting the Dutch Queen; odd NewsHour interview for end of show