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427 Huma-Gate (2012-07-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “If Adolf and I had that YouTube blurring it vould haff been so much easier! (1:23:22)
0:00:37ACC & Ms. Micky’s wedding elevated to “real news” by Dutch media, “he has the sun in his hair” mistranslation, toilet paper paparazzi, CVC’s State Department stolen passport nightmare begins; No Agenda producers at bachelor party, absence of “that grouch” noted
0:15:01No Agenda Wi-Fi at Schiphol Airport, opt-out by trendsetter Ms. Micky, producers to the rescue after “mother of all storms” at JFK, Ms. Micky’s “premium line!” security bypass
0:25:05And Now Back to Real News: JCD’s Extra teaser with Howard Stern’s dead dog
0:27:05Producer Segment: ACC’s niece Sabina’s bilingual “sta’ zitto schiavo!”; “Jan Kees” = Yankees
0:40:36“Huma-Gate” predicted by ACC’s “Mossad operatives”; stammering Chris Matthews: Michele Bachmann “no stranger to conspiracy theories”, ACC recommends Frank Gaffney video, Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism shill invokes Joe McCarthy and lauds Abedin’s marriage to Anthony Weiner and Vogue profile, Ron Reagan Jr.: “if crazy were people, Michele Bachmann would be China”; Anderson Pooper mocks Bachmann “deep penetration” interview
0:58:45John McCain moans about “attacks … on a fine and decent American” on Senate floor; ubiquitous Saudi money in politics, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff convicted of hate speech in Austria
1:05:52Lucifer Clinton meets with Mohamed Morsi, protestor screams for Hillary to get lost; State Department and Sen. Jim Webb opposing legislation to protect Christian minorities; Gaffney on Obama’s insistence on Muslim Brotherhood presence at 2009 Cairo University speech
1:16:49JCD perplexed at Syrian “freedom fighters” using suicide bombers; BBC “unverified footage” of fighting in Damascus, “top defector” Nawaf al-Fares asked if Assad will “use chemical weapons in his own people”; NewsHour wrings hands over falsified news on YouTube; YouTube’s new face-blurring tool and Human Rights channel, ACC channels Joseph Goebbels
1:23:59ACC irked at lack of congratulatory text message from JCD; Carefree “vagina” ad
1:27:31Fake CBS News report on Hillary Clinton’s “job creation” activities in Egypt
1:31:00CBS asserts climate = weather with 2011 Texas drought and Joplin tornadoes, NOAA “put that in the computer”; Democracy Now teases “extreme weather’s links to global warming”
1:37:02Senate investigating massive HSBC money laundering scheme, UNODC reports from 2009 and 2011 identifying interbank loans, ACC LIBOR theory, JCD legalization theory
1:42:17Donation Segment
2:13:03Haiku Herman caught on hot mic asking President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga “what’s your name, babe?”; drunk or not drunk: “we are living, lay-gentlemen, in challenging times, at least under tree aspects” before blathering about old people; riots in Spain over $79bn austerity plan with 21% VAT and privatization, Finance Minister Luis de Guindos formerly of Lehman Brothers and PricewaterhouseCoopers, ESM CEO Klaus “the Arranger” Regling from IMF
2:23:12G4S London Olympics security debacle an excuse to bring in British military, TSA, and 500 FBI agents; teaser for ABC story about ugly Ralph Lauren uniforms made in China
2:29:49New round of teen girls with uncontrollable twitching; Australia mandates HPV vaccine for boys to protect gay men from cervical cancer; PR package for antiviral Truvada approved by FDA for PrEP “pre-exposure prophylaxis”, ACC recommends House of Numbers documentary
2:36:54The War on Chicken: DNA in chicken vaccines morphs into deadly respiratory virus in Australia, 2.5M chickens culled in Mexico to prevent H7N3 outbreak
2:39:09Nightline promotes cosmetic surgery as a tactic for winning social media
2:41:50Modern Family bad acting; JCD attempts gay demeanor, Joan Collins’ KLM lounge retinue