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426 The Pipeline Report (2012-07-15)

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0:00:30Early wedding congratulations for ACC; show compiled from Shows 381-384 by Steven Anteau
0:02:24Intro to Show 381
0:02:56ACC spends three 18-hour days exploring Syria situation in light of, Japan depending on gas due to Fukushima shutdown, Arab Gas Pipeline to Homs Syria and on into Turkey, December 2010 discovery of Leviathan gas field with logical Israel-Cyprus-Greece path, Noble Energy’s Bush-Clinton connection, Lucifer championing Law of the Sea Treaty, Arab Spring kicked off three months after discovery; Greek “Minister of Gas” to Jerusalem Post on buying gas from Israel, Papademos talking to Netanyahu; privatization of Greek ports and ΔΕΠΑ Public Gas Corporation, ACC: “this is corporate warfare” (381@0:33:25)
0:26:50Author Patrick Seale on role of Muslim Brotherhood in Syrian opposition and 1982 Hama massacre; Anderson Pooper video from bogus activist “Danny” griping “this child lost his brains”; Assad reminds Barbara Walters the UN has no “evidences”, “who said that the United Nations is a credible institution?”, refuses to discuss Arab League agenda (381@0:57:20)
0:42:20Zbigniew Brzezinski all-in on Western expansion into Turkey & Russia; JCD on Turkey as modern secular nation: Istanbul airport “just short of having goats in it”; Jay Carney: Syrian violence “clearly” resulting in hundreds of deaths, “fact!” of regime’s “brutal campaign to slaughter its own people”, dodges questions from Russian reporter “Andrei” (381@1:12:51)
0:54:24Seale: Saudi Arabia and Iran need to cooperate in spite of mutual antipathy; increasing incidence of explosions at gas pipelines between Iran and Turkey; rumors of Standard & Poor’s upgrading Greece; #NoGasNoCare, Fukushima earthquake after Leviathan discovery, watching Chinese Far East Energy Corporation (381@1:24:54)
1:04:19Intro to Show 382
1:04:5625 killed and 170 injured in Aleppo explosion (382@0:05:08)
1:07:10Whitney Houston digression; Lucifer Clinton clippity-clops in with Cyprus Foreign Minister to discuss “deepening and broadening” relations; Nabucco-West pipeline dead, undersea power cable plans; Israel LNG contract awarded to Italy, Clinton clippity-clops in with Italian Foreign Minister “who is well-known in Washington”; JCD on California vs “communist” Alaska divvying up oil revenues (382@0:13:24)
1:19:41Greek riots over latest bailout package with privatization target of €50bn (382@0:25:55)
1:24:17Egyptian gas pipeline attacked ten times in 2011; Wolf Blitzer on Anonymous leaking “shocking” details from “secret e-mails!” about Syrian propaganda for Barbara Walters interview; “key points” and PR plans from UN and ABC News; “CNN presents Nuclear Standoff next Sunday 8:00 Eastern”, JCD on price manipulation to kill alternative energy (382@0:30:31)
1:37:53Intro to Show 383
1:38:28Democracy Now confirms ACC’s pipeline theory (383@0:06:19)
1:40:24Black skies over Syria from pipeline explosion but “the government has a different story!”; sketchy journalist Arwa Damon’s connections to Istanbul and Beirut, activists “incredibly well organized”, al-Qaeda “security vacuum” meme; leaked Arab League journalist list, Muslim Brotherhood setting its sights on Tunisia; Netanyahu’s first visit to Cyprus (383@1:07:30)
1:51:01Greece “on fire” with second EU bailout on hold; John Ward’s The Slog blog predicting imminent default; Haiku Herman “welcomes” China’s interest in buying Europe; Nigel Farage: “what democracy?” with EU puppet PM Lucas Papademos (383@1:18:10)
2:00:40Intro to Show 384
2:01:17Angelina Jolie’s new film about Balkans war and call for intervention in Syria (384@1:22:23)
2:05:49“Piece of crap” children’s show Doodlebops “the clippity-clops?” (384@1:26:56)
2:06:39Lucifer Clinton and “High Representative” Ashton on the move, possible two to the head for correspondent Anthony Shadid, Friends of Syria conference and Kosovo (384@1:27:46)
2:11:38Leviathan! jingle; natural gas Solar Turbines, Turkey irked at Israel-Cyprus deal (384@1:32:45)
2:14:39Thanks to producer Steven Anteau for compilation, “pipeline” now enshrined as indispensable Google search component; post-wedding Hot Pockets 2009 Tour, JMD’s upcoming 18th birthday, JCD: “I think the show is good to go for another few years”, ACC implores JCD to change his Skype icon, “I’m gonna make it the album art!”