Call Clooney!

425 Understanding No Agenda (a.k.a. 200.6) (2012-07-12)

Show 425 album art
0:00:00ACC: “So…”
JCD: “Roll tape, roll.”
ACC: “Yeah and then, but y’know we still have to start, y’know the way what people never hear on the show.”
JCD: “Oh yeah.”
ACC: “Yeah.”
JCD: “Whatever that means, hit it.”
0:00:40JCD’s “hit it” finally audible to those not on the live stream, Show 200.5 originally for “Deuce Club” producers, incremental changes since shows in the May 2010 era
0:03:27Show 200.5, first half
1:02:25New jingles with links in the show notes, ACC’s height currently listed on Wikipedia as 5’ 17”; producers sending questions unable to follow e-mail subject line instructions
1:05:30Hastily-constructed made immutable by Geoff Smith’s jingle
1:06:37ACC quitting day job leading to move from California to Texas; Hot Pockets 2008 Tour
1:08:33Dramatic change in ACC’s show prep, more producer-supplied information from around the world; approximately one-hour increase in show length; noise gate and Skype delay
1:12:17ACC and JCD no longer in physical proximity, perhaps two meetings in the last two years; longer shows instead of more shows; improvements in production values, recent adoption of album artist credits; JCD still irked at getting kicked out of chatroom; new Red Book
1:18:31Producer asks about prospect of a tech podcast like Cranky Geeks
1:20:55Ms. Micky bummed that JCD will not be attending wedding in the Netherlands, perhaps forgetting his habit of canceling his travel plans while on the way to the airport
1:22:58ACC reflects on same old crew of donors with increasing number of freeloaders
1:25:16JCD and Mimi’s home schooling of straight-A student JMD for five years
1:26:23JCD listening without headphones in the manner of Vancouver radio host Bill Goode; JCD’s light and airy studio vs ACC’s dungeon
1:28:13JCD’s changed position on crackpot theories, in particular World Trade Center 7, Second Half of Show’s expansion to encompass entire show, wrong format for UFO sightings
1:31:26Impossibility of a $100,000 donor gaining any influence over the show’s content, JCD: “it’s not gonna happen and it’s not gonna happen”; poorly-timed TWiT invite for ACC
1:35:02Show 200.5, second half
2:04:35JCD: “why do you think it’s so weird that I don’t use headphones?”, teleprompter training and the point at which a read becomes natural; JCD annoyed by his stammering
2:06:09General decline in real news reporting, more deep reading, JCD watching more foreign media, discussion of drones long before the mainstream media picked up on the subject
2:08:39Outro: upcoming Show 426 compilation of pipeline-themed material from Shows 381-384