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424 Internet Governance (2012-07-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, we got, how many people we got working here … we gotta find something else to do to justify the bullcrap jobs we have!” (1:54:39)
0:00:38Ms. Micky to receive a proper Dutch birthday, ACC’s “shut up, slave!” helium quest
0:06:46BBC’s not-so-accurate characterization of LIBOR; fines upon Barclay’s to be given to banks; performative-spewing idiot Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis asserts to BBC that 80k jobs number is a net positive, husband “Honest Sam” Sayyad, Obama “inherited a catastrophe” platitude
0:19:00Trains Good Planes Bad: California passes high-speed rail funding bill, ACC on money-losing Amsterdam-Paris line, JCD’s trip on nausea-inducing Swedish X2 tilting train
0:24:58New Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras sworn in
0:28:05Rev. Manning berates Fox News: “Bill O’Reilly and Obama’s father are both in-heat whores”
0:32:07Producer Segment: “Prime Douche” Julia Gillard
0:39:43UN Human Rights Council propagating new meme “internet freedom”, Ron and Rand Paul “manifesto” The Technology Revolution; HRC resolution The Promotion, Protection and Enjoyment of Human Rights on the Internet and 2009 resolution 12/16 Freedom of Opinion and Expression condemning “incitement to discrimination”, 2011 resolution 66/184 Information and Communications Technologies for Development “Internet Governance Forum”
0:58:00Rev. Manning’s “you are wrong!” rant about the mistake of trusting Tea Party
1:02:17Questions from hot Chinese journalist for Christine Lagarde about US being reduced to borrowing from IMF, “we wouldn’t have enough resources”, “wisdom and sagacity” of US officials
1:10:51And Now Back to Real News: incomprehensible plug for Bollywood film Bol Bachchan
1:14:00New President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto accuses of US of playing “fundamental role” in drug crisis, ACC: “we’re their best customer!”; ACC binge-watching Breaking Bad
1:19:27Donation Segment: JCD’s movie theater duck call
1:33:44Clippity Clop: appointment with Paris hairdresser deferred in favor of Amis du Peuple Syrien, single Syrian defection characterized as a phenomenon seen “every day”, “right side of history” meme, Geneva Comminiqué placing opposition on equal footing with Assad government, Lucifer agitating for “sanctions under Chapter Seven”; Tim Geithner presiding over Friends of the Syrian People meeting; expunged Vogue article about 2011 visit with the Assads by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, hot girl-on-girl action kissing photo
1:51:03New TSA “freeze, freeze, freeze!” drill, JCD gripes about Austin’s previous airport; TSA testing passengers’ drinks in secure airport areas for no adequately explored reason
1:55:51Seven arrested on “suspicion” of terrorist plot, al-Qaeda “suspect” lurking around Olympic park, The Guardian article on dirty bomb screening failures at the UK border by contractor Serco; ban on logos worn by slaves in the stands and on toilets enforced by “branding police”; fake OmniCorp “where human resources meets robotic engineering” ad to promote Robocop
2:04:00Rev. Manning: “Obama will win … and he will be president forever”
2:06:19ACC headed to Amsterdam without a “weed pass”; BBC lies about legal prostitution contributing to criminality, douchebag Deputy Mayor Lodewijk Asscher’s war on red light districts
2:14:5224 killed by US drones in Waziristan; Leon Panetta at “Peace Institute” agitating for more drone warfare; New York Times article “The Drone Zone” on Holloman AFB training center
2:19:08Pertussis vaccine in US schools, Dutch outbreak in spite of 95% vaccination rate, BBC scare tactics pushing “improved testing” and boosters for adolescents, ACC: “immunize the dog!”
2:25:33Rev. Manning predicts “black people will be on the boat goin’ to Africa by 2014” (CotD)