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423 Wonderful Marinade (2012-07-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, I saw climate change in action last night.” (2:31:11)
0:00:33Dvorak Independence Day celebration in California with Indian tribe surplus fireworks show
0:02:58Anderson Pooper finally out of the closet in effort to combat “bullying epidemic”; overbroad definition in California AB-1156; Wylie Texas 15-year-old shot and killed by two “buddies”
0:10:31JCD wins the UEFA Euro 2012 prediction of a win for the “delighted” citizens of Spain; ACC’s visit from millennial producers; thirteen more “militants” droned in Yemen and Waziristan
0:18:07UK Parliament holds serious discussion of leaving EU; CNBC shocked that LIBOR conspiracy theories turn out to be “same old stuff”; Santander Bank now experiencing NatWest “glitch”
0:28:07Producer Segment
0:33:22Nigel Farage on Haiku Herman’s “breakthrough”: “last time you were here you told we’d turned the corner!”, calls out “unelected President” José Manuel Barroso for G20 democracy boast; Finland and Netherlands trying to block €700bn ESM bonanza for banks; RT on EU Parliament’s rejection of ACTA, Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht promises endless cycle of votes, JCD: “he looks like a dick”, evidence of Fortis Bank insider trading
0:46:47Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni flee to Canada just ahead of anti-corruption police, €6.35bn in polls showing popularity of Dominique Strauss-Kahn; German BND report calling for €10T
0:53:42Lucifer Clinton headed to Paris to visit her hairdresser; WikiLeaks to publish its Syria Files with news organizations worldwide; Human Rights Watch’s $100M Soros grant, “we made them suck their own blood off the floor” torture report based on Skype interviews; Syrian TV journalist to BBC on taking orders from management: “we are liars to the nation” (CotD)
1:03:58Soledad O’Brien and her CNN sidekicks pretend to enjoy Taco Bell on set
1:06:04Victoria Nuland openly discusses Saudi Arabia sending arms to Syria; Group of Friends of the Syrian People meeting in Paris with GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit to divvy up Syrian assets; Donald Rumsfeld doing pipeline work in Georgia with Haiku Herman
1:12:50Ultra-orthodox Jews leeching stipends from Israeli government while refusing military service
1:16:15Taco Bell celebrity chef Lorena Garcia raving to CNN about her “wonderful marinade”
1:18:36Terrorist front CAIR Chicago chapter head Ahmed Rehab to serve on Rahm Emanuel’s New Americans Advisory Committee; upcoming elections in Libya; Matt Lee questions premature congratulation for Mexican President-elect as opposed to Vladimir Putin
1:23:34Unreported “mystery disease” killing Cambodian children, ACC: “we ran out of African kids”
1:26:10Donation Segment: “Donna Drontalist”; ACC’s lack of a Hot Pockets 2009 Tour trailer
1:44:57Kim Dotcom accuses Joe Biden of shutting down Megaupload at the behest of MPAA & RIAA
1:46:19~Study finds 5% of children suffer from IED Intermittent Explosive Disorder; GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3bn fine in fraud case, Dr. Drew Pinsky paid $275k to shill for Wellbutrin SR
1:56:00BBC pushing “quad pill” HIV drug alongside new HIV home test with 5% false positive rate, JCD unimpressed with ACC’s theory about lethality of AIDS drugs
2:05:53New reality show Stars Earn Stripes hosted by Wes Clark; amusingly-accented report on Pakistani supply route to Afghanistan reopening after non-apology from Lucifer Clinton; Nuland refuses to say anything beyond “there were mistakes made on both sides”
2:14:16Russia offering to bail out Cyprus; Yasser Arafat’s polonium traces; anti-Putin “White Album”
2:18:13Alabama Airbus plant; “pilot error” in Air France 447 crash; CNN “debunks” London Olympics terror plot; spook George Entwistle to head BBC; Twitter transparency report WTF
2:29:04Kevin Trenberth: “look out the window and you see climate change in action”; Manning teaser