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421 Don’t Be Nosey (2012-06-28)

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0:00:00ACC (over megaphone): “Hey you with the slide whistle, get in the camp!” (2:10:38)
0:00:34Media attempting to digest Supreme Court’s 90-page Obamacare decision, Obama’s “not a tax” fabrication vs IRS purview; 104° Austin “dry heat” frying Ms. Micky’s Range Rover
0:09:40Autopsy finds only marijuana in body of “bath salts cannibal” Rudy Eugene; Waco man arrested after eating his dog; Don Lemon: “heroin has a new home” with suburban white teens because it’s cheap; ABC promotes “mother’s new little helper” Adderall, “did it make you feel like Supermom?”; ACC’s Big Book Show interview with ADHD Joe Pantoliano
0:22:14iOS podcast app “Travel & Culture” category, “did you mean Dork?” search result
0:22:51Producer Segment
0:29:49The Economist: United Nations predicts increase in Afghan opium output
0:30:48We Suck: Kofi Annan’s “sovereign population” vs “suffering population”; more UEFA Euro 2012 predictions, potential uncomfortable trip to Kiev for Angela Merkel
0:37:50Belgian vs Ethiopian living standards; Berlin church “baby boxes” for desperate mothers
0:40:06And Now Back to Real News: Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s new film Teri Meri Kahani
0:44:46Executive Order 13617 Blocking Property of the Government of the Russian Federation Relating to the Disposition of Highly Enriched Uranium Extracted From Nuclear Weapons
0:47:48Royal Bank of Scotland CEO on NatWest banking “difficulty”, ACC on “settlement” batch processes in 1995; JCD shifts into Skype helium mode; ATM and credit card issues in Austin; Barclay’s fined $500bn for LIBOR shenanigans; Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article “Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail”; Buzzkill Jr.’s call from Gallup on behalf of Bank of America
1:04:37CNBC host: “is this global governance at last, is it one world, the central bankers in charge?”, panelist Jim Iuorio: “we are absolutely slaves to central banks”; France 24 panelist all-in on “transfer of sovereignty” from EU countries; George Soros on difficulty of addressing “Siamese twins” of banking system and sovereign debt; Haiku Herman’s new seven-item agenda; Dutch Central Bank urging citizens to pay off mortgages, Greek finance minister replaced by “Mr. Euro” after hospital admission for “abdominal pains”; Spain outlawing large cash transactions
1:17:48Pro-Assad TV station blown up by rebels; Lucifer Clinton in Helsinki pushing Geneva meeting; ACC on Saudi Arabia using Turkey as proxy; 33 Syrian soldiers defect to Turkey
1:26:17ACC’s theory of Anthony Weiner’s conversion to Islam; Matt Lee grills Victoria Nuland about Egyptian terrorist Hani Nour el-Din’s visa, “we are not gonna get into the details”
1:34:52Louie Gohmert and Trent Franks try in vain to squeeze Holy Land Foundation trial documents from Eric Holder, terrorist group claiming to be working inside Department of Justice
1:41:31Donation Segment: producer theory on NatWest failures as psychological experiment
2:06:29Local report on military exercises in St. Louis, location kept secret “for security reasons”, ACC’s megaphone; Bob Hope zombies “like Democrats” film clip
2:19:39Russia Today’s lip-smacking Abby Martin on lame “question more” slogan, “RT leads all other channels in the level of people watching daily — in Canada”; LZ Granderson opinion piece for CNN “Don’t Be Nosy About Fast and Furious”: “we do not want to open Pandora’s Box”, bogus comparisons with Osama bin Laden raid and Operation Wide Receiver (CotD)
2:26:35UT drone GPS hack demonstration, new MQ-1C Gray Eagle with own Facebook page
2:30:46No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: Hill+Knowlton declares swine flu death toll 15x greater than previously reported; BBC on use of EEG to diagnose autism using 33 specific patterns; HPV-prone cervical cells isolated by one Dr. Einstein; Casino Jack rant for end of show