Call Clooney!

420 The Data Hole (2012-06-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “What about me? I wanna work on a cool unmanned plane too!” (1:58:03)
0:00:34JCD suspects Russia Today reporter Abby Martin of being a dominatrix; Martin needles Obama over indifference to the plight black Americans vs LGBT; TSA groping vs “being microwaved”; Lucy Napolitano all-in on “other kinds of indicia” to spot troublemakers, ACC and JCD both at airports not using naked body scanners, Lucy’s grimy necklace of “big rocks”
0:11:31New “we suck!” segment: no histrionic personality disorder defense for Jerry Sandusky, no Mitch Daniels VP for Mitt Romney, UEFA Euro 2012 prediction misfires, Merkel hand-rubbing
0:16:58Merkel agrees to €130bn stimulus package because “Europe needs to be more closely tied together”; German Bundesrat demanding “gimme that bike” collateral, Merkel’s six-point plan including European Army; producer’s link to 1976 video of zealous Maoist José Manuel Barroso; Kosovo deputy PM Hajredin Kuci resigns over new anti-journalism laws
0:23:37“Awesome” synthetic THC drug Marinol; Rahm Emanuel comments on prospect of decriminalizing marijuana; DEA bonehead Michele Leonhart tells Rep. Steve Cohen that DEA budget is $2M, “wuh?” to question about civil forfeiture; GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex; Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black to C-SPAN on America, You Sexy Bitch book tour resulting in revised views on firearms and marijuana legalization, ACC: “this is coordinated”
0:37:12Producer Segment: “failed” $420 promotion
0:44:31BBC on Syrian shootdown of Turkish fighter jet; Turkey-Syria relations at “all-time low”, flood of refugees; Turkish jets “routinely” crossing international borders; Operation Orchard Israeli kill switch; Victoria “Nostradamus” Nuland’s prediction of assault on Deir ez-Zor comes true, husband Robert Kagan cofounder of Project for the New American Century; media ignoring Turkey’s assaults on Kurdish rebels in Iraq; Kofi Annan urges action to “ensure that the crisis does not spread to the neighbors”; Assad a member of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party
0:58:51James Baker to Charlie Rose on Iran: “we oughtta take them out” to delighted laughter from Lucifer Clinton, Iranian “military theocracy” inviting attack in quest for legitimacy; ACC’s Los Angeles friends asserting Muslim Brotherhood is working to replace portions of Constitution with Sharia law; 2007 US v. Holy Land Foundation lawsuit, Swiss documents from 2001 on “The Project” for cultural jihad; fury over Spanish imam giving lessons on beating women without leaving marks; Dalia Mogahed an advisor to White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Anwar al-Awlaki’s possible Pentagon desensitization agenda; bogus “moderate Muslims never speak out” meme; viral video of bullied New York bus monitor an indictment of modern education; Sudan on brink of being next Wes Clark lottery winner
1:27:23“Great question” for John Edwards’ mistress
1:28:48Donation Segment: JCD direct ACC’s Subaru read
1:51:15Obama campaign soliciting event donation registries; ACC awaiting DVD of Joel Gilbert film Dreams of My Real Father on communist Frank Marshall Davis theory of Obama’s parentage
1:55:04JCD’s Northrop Grumman propaganda comic book Global Hawk: Endless Possibilities
2:00:06Mass photo of nude people in body paint by photographer Spencer Tunick in Munich; Tunisian art museum; Tunisian imam calls for all artists to be killed “by the country’s government”
2:04:10CNN hysterical over weaponized bird flu paper, “you want good scientists to develop a vaccine”
2:09:00British NatWest bank grinds to a halt after “software update” failure
2:15:11Ann Curry leaving Today show; Bloomberg to fine cab drivers $10,000 for transporting hookers
2:19:08Democracy Now on leaked TPP chapter undermining US sovereignty and consumer protections