Call Clooney!

41 Planes Trains and Lyndon LaRouche (2008-08-03)

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0:00:25Technical problems sorted after software update; crapware with same code and different websites; crappy mobile software download sites; Twitter spam
0:11:26New executive order gives DNI Mike McConnell more authority; ACC: “the financial system in the United States is about to end”, JCD on Buchanan bankrupting government, Civil War bankrolled by Wall Street, ACC China buying all the oil theory, JCD: “you’re getting weirder by the week”, Patricia researching schizophrenia; JCD on drop in oil price bringing up dollar, US 2% vs UK 5% interest rate, JCD: oil storage at capacity, prime mortgage defaults
0:25:31Desperate UK realtors; Lyndon LaRouche dollar collapse & electronic money, Fannie & Freddie off-book transactions, JCD: “boom times ahead”, ACC: “we can make more war stuff!”
0:35:04JCD on 39 mph Amtrak to Seattle, barriers to high-speed rail, bullet train surfing with suction cups helmet-cam video; JCD’s talking points FAX
0:44:36Anthrax letter suspect’s suicide via Tylenol, assassination theory, JCD on “fast and painless” chemicals; Jill Dando assassination; JCD on Dan Rather’s Botox face
0:54:23MIT “solar revolution” discovery, ACC: “it’s the hydroxy booster”, JCD on difficulty of storing hydrogen, oil hydrogenation, “rupture-proof” tanks at 10k PSI, hydrogen car “high-pitched scream”; hydroxy booster feedback from skeptical listeners, re-chipping car computers
1:05:03Jesse Ventura to speak at Rally for the Republic, JCD requests autographed baseball; Lyndon LaRouche on Obama as Soros puppet
1:10:41JCD struggling to adjust ipTV-Daily site, the struggle to re-learn Windows 3.1
1:15:40Jon Stewart addresses “is Obama too arrogant”; Letterman’s “Annoying Word Of The Day” talking points rundown with “veepstakes”, “Great Moments in Presidential Speeches”, ACC on Bush clone, Bush before and after, Star Trek “Patterns of Force” episode, Formula One’s Max Mosley’s Nazi orgy lawsuit, Marc Dutroux and Isle of Jersey pedophile networks
1:27:01China unable to remediate air pollution, JCD’s electrostatic precipitator, internet crackdown
1:31:13Bush family calls in to congratulate Rush Limbaugh on 20th anniversary, Leo’s Russian accent, contentless TWiT; JCD on Lyndon LaRouche: “there’s a good business in doom”