Call Clooney!

419 Degrowth (2012-06-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “The University of Nebraska’s drone journalism experiment.” JCD: “What??” (1:52:15)
0:00:39MKULTRA Texas Rangers announcer Dave Barnett: “go-ahead run is at fifth, on what Adams is insisting on calling it a botched robbery — what actually happened was his henchman…” explained away as migraine; Miss Teen USA 2007 Caitlin Upton “everywhere like such as”; JCD challenges ACC to find gold “backed by nothing” clip of CTV bimbo Bridget Brown
0:06:20Eric Holder contempt of Congress “spot the Democrat” compilation, Obama’s 2007 “hide behind executive privilege” charge against Bush; Chris Matthews: “is this ethnic, Mr. Mayor?”; Thom Hartmann’s message from woman “frightened” by radio host calling Obama a monkey
0:20:06Illuminati G20 logo, José Manuel Barroso blames North America for EU’s economic problems; Nigel Farage: “remember, this bloke’s an idiot”; Barroso channels mafia boss: “we certainly are not coming here to receive lessons from nobody”; Haiku Herman all-in on “deepening our economic and monetary union”; Single Market Act II “twelve-step program”, Brazil-like journalism licenses; Finland’s rejection of ESM scheme prompts a visit from Clippity-Clop
0:34:18JCD: dumping Julian Assange in Ecuadorian embassy a good way to silence him
0:36:45Producer Segment: unpaid TWiT panelists
0:45:21Catastroika documentary on Russian privatization; Tempur-Pedic scam and mattress ads
0:51:00The Second Mile charity dissolved ahead of Jerry Sandusky Pedobear trial; Sandusky cites children “that I hardly had any contact with”, “histrionic personality disorder” defense
0:55:55PBS NewsHour teases Native American languages and Hitler; teleprompter-challenged Gwen Ifill, “expert” lies about offensive use of cyberweapons; JCD on the origin of the Morris worm
1:03:06War on Weed: CNN hand-wringing over increase in teen marijuana use; Rep. Jarid Polis grills DEA drone Michele Leonhart “is heroin worse for someone’s health than marijuana?” (CotD); Marinol synthetic THC manufacturer Solvay acquired by Abbott; Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske on “virtually unheard-of” bath salts, CNN idiot: “this is not what you buy to use in a bath”
1:18:19Obama’s letter to Congress on military endeavors in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, etc. under AUMF; Harvard Prof. Roberto Mangabeira Unger takes Democrat party to task
1:23:26NPR notes “sad irony” of Rodney King drowning in spite of being a swimming instructor compilation of ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives attendees trying to define sustainability: “to raise the amount of Copenhagen use of bike”, “to answer the whole systemic and holistic dimension of the problem”; creepy BlueGreen Alliance and International Conference on De-growth in the Americas with smiley snail logo
1:35:56Donation Segment: $50k Knight Foundation drone journalism grant; refunds in Indian culture
1:58:24American cultural elements that perplex foreigners; study finds Americans’ heads are growing
2:00:25Putin’s meeting with Obama; John McCain gripes to American Enterprise Institute about refurbished Syrian helicopters “with the blood washed off of them”, “indistinguishable from Bosnia in the 1990s”; McCain opposing nomination of Brett McGurk as ambassador to Iraq due to steamy e-mails with WSJ reporter; Angelina Jolie donating $100k for refugees; Ron Paul labels evidence “bogus”; producers weigh in on ACC’s proposed Damascus trip
2:17:43ACC’s “big bottom” discussed on TWiT, Warsanis audio processor
2:19:40HPV vaccine scam expanding into over-26 market; DEET being pushed for West Nile virus
2:24:31DoJ and CIA torpedo FOIA request for documentation on droning Americans
2:28:36“New Silk Road” rail between China and Europe, Belarus accused of providing military aid to Syria; Russia Today casting; UEFA Euro 2012 predictions