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418 Oryx Burgers! (2012-06-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Never peel a hard boiled egg again!” (0:23:49)
0:00:32Obama proclaims Father’s Day; Greek bankers chewing their nails waiting for election outcome
0:02:54Rodney King found dead in his swimming pool
0:04:21ABC News rolls out outraged Sam Donaldson and Bill O’Reilly to disparage blogger Neil Munro for interrupting Obama at DREAM Act briefing; DHS memo offering USCIS process regardless of age; Obama lets slip “giving certainty to our farmers and our ranchers” and Feinstein asking DHS to quit deporting her illegals, CIA backing off on White House leaks
0:22:26JCD’s Eggies hard boiled egg gag gift acquired at Goodwill by JMD
0:25:02Producer Segment
0:33:14ARSONomics YouTube producer, NBN Lebanon TV producer’s first question: “are you the same Adam Curry as the MTV guy?”; JMD’s friend’s obscure Russian satellite channels; Syrian consensus on US-Russia proxy pipeline war, ACC mulls invitation to Beirut or Damascus
0:46:40Victoria “Nostradamus” Nuland lists locations of upcoming massacres by Syrian regime; spokeshole John Kirby at Pentagon press briefing: “I have no seen reporting that indicates that the Russians are providing attack helicopters to the Syrians”, refuses to acknowledge on the record “deal with the Devil” for Afghan helicopters; Nuland lays out plan to sidestep UN Security Council as was done with Yugoslavia in 1999; op-ed by Sergey Kavrov questioning mainstream Syria narrative, ACC: “the MTV stuff I did is probably now just airing in Syria!”
1:01:10Nuland struggles to cover for Hillary’s lies about “freshly refurbished” helicopters; Fox News snubs former ambassador John Price predicting regime change not going according to plan; Hillary “our strategy is very clear, uh‚Ķ” ding-fest; “hot looking Syrian babes” image search with screaming Hillary in middle of page
1:13:25ACC accused of being a Holocaust denier on Twitter, “World War II was one big holocaust!”; liberal media ignoring Bill Maher’s “stupid religion” screed against Mormonism
1:19:38Greece allowed to beat Russia in UEFA Euro 2012 on eve of election, results from upcoming Netherlands-Portugal and Germany-Portugal games hidden in teletext data, ACC anticipates Germany-Greece match, possible trio of 1930s fascist states; violence at Mario Monti’s visits to Bologna and Milan; Dutch refusing to pay their bills at Greek restaurants
1:28:30IBM’s Sam Palmisano admits to going off “script” at Johns Hopkins commencement
1:30:11Donation Segment: ACC’s $1,000 “oryx burgers!”; Chad Christian’s toilet paper story
2:05:53“Severe liver effects, some fatal” Cymbalta and “may cause death” Celebrex competing for worst-sounding side effects; overuse of term “double down” and KFC Double Down sandwich
2:14:20ACC’s OS X Mountain Lion dictation video; Lieberman’s Live Free or Die Hard cyberthreats
2:17:41And Now Back to Real News: Miss Pennsylvania resigns claiming Miss USA is rigged
2:19:45Three more droned in Waziristan; Gorgon Stare video capture technology; Sen. Rand Paul introduces S.3287 Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012 with “exigent circumstances” and DHS “credible intelligence” exceptions
2:26:22Vice presidential predictions; McCain trying to get rid of Jackson-Vanik Amendment
2:28:41Oryx head trophy for veteran deer hunter Ms. Micky
2:30:18Biodiversit√©e: Christine Lagarde to battle poverty at Rio+20 with “gasolyne” tax, IMF carbon pricing e-book, “feebates” and VAT, World Resources Institute “social cost of carbon”
2:46:27TSA goon demands woman no take photos of her husband being molested
2:47:18Operation Purple Chariot for London Olympics