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417 Cyber 9/11 (2012-06-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “I dunno, doesn’t make sense to me!” (2:42:27)
0:00:34New streaming server up and BART down; cryptic “A6 toxic people” on Twitter
0:03:08ACC at “homely” Cleopatra exhibit in LA with CVC, millennials unfamiliar with bath salts
0:09:14David Cameron leaves eight-year-old daughter at pub on eve of responsible parenting campaign
0:13:10Coast Guard looking into crash of RQ-4 Global Hawk drone “on a routine training flight” in Maryland; Law of the Sea Treaty vs airspace sovereignty; 17 more “al-Qaeda fighters” droned in Yemen; Obama campaign accomplishments list of people he has killed; DHS drone surplus
0:22:36Joe Lieberman promotes S.2105 Cybersecurity Act of 2012 with letter asserting that inevitable “Cyber 9/11” endangers “key valves and switches in pipelines for gas and oil, and refineries and factories and water and sewer systems and electric plants and banks”; Panetta threat enumeration with “rising powers like China”; talent shortage alert from Symantec & McAfee
0:33:27The Wide Lens author Ron Adner and value of guarantee that news sources are uncompromised
0:37:01Producer Segment: ACC’s Lucifer filter
0:50:37Joan Rivers outraged at campaign spending, Obama and Romney “both idiots”
0:52:50Obama-hating Dianne Feinstein to Wolf Blitzer on “an Anschluß… an avalanche of leaks” coming from White House; Leon Panetta to 60 Minutes on Iranian nuclear “red line”: “there are no options that are off the table”, Scott Pelley’s misleading voiceover “we were surprised to hear how far he thinks Iran has come” vs Panetta’s “possibly another one to two years”
1:04:01Clippity-Clop: Lucifer gripes about Russian sales of attack helicopters to Syria, “red line” for Turkey; amusement at scripted question about “calling each other liars” with Sergey Lavrov, Russia “claims to have vital interests in the region”, Lucifer forgets Lavrov’s name
1:12:51Eli Wiesel propagates Clinton Bosnia script with Christiane Amanpour; Daily Mail repeating sketchy UN stories of steroid-enraged thugs killing children, no mention of war crimes in Palestine and Pakistan, ACC: “your report sucks, Ban Ki-moon, you suck!” (ACCPPotD)
1:25:17BBC on both sides predicting massacre in Al Haffah perpetrated by the other; Iranian Press TV reporting proposed Saudi-Bahrain merger
1:31:12Autism Speaks raising money after brain fridge malfunction, The Help Group brochure cites lack of “social smile” and disinterest in “appealing toy”, JCD: “maybe his appealing toy is a bolt”; $1.1M Gates Foundation grant to measure student engagement with lie detector equipment, JCD: “Scientologists!”; remote-controlled Xyloband RFID bracelets on Coldplay tour; JCD’s college experience with lie detector and gruesome circumcision-by-rock movie
1:46:15Alex Jones claiming he had the goods on Ron Paul the whole time
1:46:49Donation Segment
2:15:11Andrew Sullivan to Chris Matthews on the virtues of the female British monarchy; Cristiano Ronaldo tries and fails to throw UEFA Euro 2012 match; Christine Lagarde all-in on her buddy George Soros’ three months to save the euro, “tax compliance” for the Greek slaves; Moody’s slashes Spain’s credit rating; Nigel Farage: “another one bites the dust”
2:30:47ACC suggests Leon Panetta donate “Geronimo” souvenir bin Laden brick to the TWiT studios
2:31:4560 Minutes and Friends of Animals NGO aghast at Texas ranch for African game hunting to the tune of $4,500 per otherwise extinct oryx, ACC’s Austin market opportunity
2:43:00Ron Paul advisor Trygve Olson connected to shady International Republican Institute
2:49:55Mars One Martian colony reality show; New York City Board of Health all-in on limiting sugary drinks, popcorn, and milk; part-time stripper Sarah Tressler fired by Houston Chronicle