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416 Datapalooza (2012-06-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Any cute girl in Russia’s KGB.” (1:17:13)
0:00:33Anders Breivik’s Asperger’s and Tourette’s; Geoff Smith Healthy Balanced News Diet
0:03:15Ron Paul crowd outraged at Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement, campaign manager Jesse Benton promises “respectful” convention behavior, Ben Bernanke breakfast, JCD on Reagan ditching “evil empire” after Russia visit, ACC story: 1988 warning about hot KGB agents
0:18:28Denmark beats Netherlands in UEFA Euro 2012 tournament, predictions based on who needs the biggest morale boost, Russian team accused of bullying Czechs
0:26:26Producer Segment: artist credit
0:32:17JCD predicts two-tier Skype pricing; PBS Steve Jobs One Last Thing documentary with “friend” Walt Mossberg; ACC story: discussing podcasts in iTunes with lisping Jobs
0:37:12Darrell Issa to intractable Eric Holder in Fast and Furious hearing: “no, Mr. Attorney General, you’re not a good witness”, Sheila Jackson Lee interrupts with “parliamentary inquiry!”, Jason Chaffetz reads incriminating DoJ e-mail, Holder lies about Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver
0:46:33Chris Rock to Ann Curry: “I’ll take the zebra, in honor of our zebra president”
0:48:29Ask Adam: John McCain bitches to Sean Hannity about White House leaking “classified information” about drone and cyber-warfare programs, telegraphs Iran false flag; Boeing testing Phantom Eye high-altitude drones “easily reprogrammable to go after other targets”
1:03:46Air Force Instruction 14-104 requiring domestic surveillance footage be turned over to police; National Reconnaissance Office gives NASA two Hubble-type spy satellites, Elon Musk’s “water and blankets” for ISS; We Are Anonymous author Parmy Olson ties Anonymous to bullying and radicalization on CBS This Morning, cryptic reference to “a particular image board”, ACC: “I think she may be MI6”, Olson’s bogus account security recommendations
1:19:22Red Book: Facebook or entire internet down as part of false flag or short position
1:26:51Biodiversitée: Christian Science Monitor propagating “tipping point” meme for Rio+20 conference; NBC News on warmest spring in US history with “allergies, mosquitoes, ticks, and record wildfires”, “warm weather outbreaks” vs now-obsolete “weather is not climate” meme
1:34:00Donation Segment
2:11:25Dvorak family find Oakland Airport “electrocution machines” shut down on arrival
2:15:23War on Sugar: crystalline fructose vs HFCS “liquid shit” in light of FDA ruling
2:18:10Trailer for upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II with “the enemy steals the keys” drone hijack
2:20:40White House promo video for Health Datapalooza with bleeping computer sounds; CNN top ten list of hospital horror stories; White House CTO Todd Park a Booz Allen shill, “I don’t need this script any longer” speech from Jon Bon Jovi
2:28:16Spanish banks to receive €100bn from ESM; Greek Golden Dawn politician Ilias Kasidiaris throws water in face of one socialist MP and slaps the other on live TV
2:33:11NYT “good grade pill” headline pushing Adderall; Erin Burnett shifts bath salts meme from zombies to cannibals, upcoming NBC Hannibal series, ACC binary drug theory, Haitian zombies and fugu; Gloria Allred representing attacker’s girlfriend, “cannibalism is a serious issue, and is very dangerous to the health and well-being of both the cannibal and the victim”
2:46:03Jon Stewart taking on “fair game” meme in political ads, JCD: “do you think it’s fair game to say that he was a pedophile?”, douchebag headlines with question mark at end
2:49:24Bogus SITE Intelligence Group asserts terrorists offered ten camels for Obama’s death
2:55:28Deadpan Australian documentary on batshit insane ferret owners for end of show