Call Clooney!

414 Thingamajig (2012-06-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, yeah, you’re full of crap!” (1:37:14)
0:00:31UK celebrating Diamond Jubilee fifteen years early; Harvey Weinstein guest-hosting CNN
0:03:33House Energy and Commerce Committee considers ICANN takeover by ITU, “break the internet” meme, Google “evangelist” Vint Cerf claims “one of the fathers of the internet” title, Global Network Initiative human rights NGO founded by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft
0:21:02Retired Army Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III warns of impending doom from Fukushima fuel rods, terrifying promo video for Natural Solutions Foundation, JCD: “Stubblebine reportedly attempted to walk through walls himself, without success
0:27:31Sanjay Gupta 60 Minutes segment: sugar and HFCS “equally toxic”; NBC pushes Bloomberg soda ban by equating sugar and tobacco, “God bless this guy”; Saturday New York Times attack ad; Bloomberg to MSNBC on “sugar drink” two-cup strategy, infinite soup bowl experiment, “full sugar” vs aspartame in schools; HFCS marketing meeting skit; Bloomberg “all we’re trying to do is to remind you that this is something that could, should be, is, not should be, is, detrimental to your health”; JCD’s Irishman and the genie joke
0:41:20Producer Segment
0:48:32Obama proclaims LGBT Pride Month
0:49:05JCD’s observations of and bit part in Bravo reality show Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, ACC: “for some reason, Sarah Austin’s grandfather showed up, walking around aimlessly
0:56:05The Euro: Paul Krugman predicts no recovery for Greece unless it exits the Eurozone, “impossible” demands placed on Spain, $3T in foreign funds in Spanish banks; 1996 article by Pim Fortuyn predicting financial crisis; Jeremy Paxman: “by that analysis the euro’s had it”
1:05:30Veterans throwing medals on the ground in protest at Chicago NATO summit; West Wing Week on Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bob Dylan, Madeline Albright, and Shimon Peres
1:11:18And Now Back to Real News: Church of Scientology blackmailing John Travolta
1:14:09No outrage over Obama’s expansion of Bush-era “Olympic Games” cyber-warfare program, David Gregory and Chuck Todd bemused by Mitt Romney’s “F” grade for Obama; JCD on the probability of Flame malware being reverse-engineered, “psychopathic megalomaniac” memes in liberal circles; John McAfee suing government of Belize over arrest in gang suppression raid; techno-expert Obama: “maybe somebody’ll be replacing some thingamajig for their furnace”
1:28:05Iraq veterans using slightly flawed “global war on an adjective” meme
1:31:17Shadow Puppet Theater: WebMD hires former Pfizer executive Cavan Redmond; producer note on “step up” Gardasil pitch for boys; Chantix for schizophrenics trying to quit smoking
1:39:13Fareed Zakaria’s Harvard commencement speech lauds Mexico’s H1N1 response
1:41:38Donation Segment
1:58:23ACC unimpressed with drone operator allowing crash in Afghanistan due to loss of engine coolant, dozens of engine failures in Canadian drones; We the People “do not kill list” petition
2:02:50Overacting Erin Burnett describes “horrific” face-eating zombie scene; panting CDC spokeshole connects zombie taskforce to Fukushima, ACC: “the guy is a zombie!”; Star Trek fan describes annual party: “this year we had a girl come and everything!” (CotD)
2:08:35Syria accounting for 10% of Russian arms sales, Russian naval facility in Tartus; Mubarak sentenced to life in prison, techno-expert Asmaa Mahfouz hanging out with Lucifer Clinton
2:14:54“Your grandfather killed my grandfather” still an issue in Europe
2:17:07ACC explains why internet advertising is a farce, already taken