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412 Red Square Patch (2012-05-27)

Show 412 album art
0:00:00ACC: “(Laughter) Hey! Guy, dude’s hung like a horse!” (1:59:27)
0:00:35Eurovision Song Contest winner “the worst possible song you can imagine” Euphoria by Swedish artist Loreen; Time writer William Lee Adams to NPR: “it’s about the best act”
0:09:20DHS Analyst’s Desktop Binder with blogs and podcasts as “third tier” information sources, list of keywords meriting a red flag including “El Paso” and “homegrown”, free pass for celebrities
0:16:53“Unverified” BBC video of Syrian activist yelling into phone during Homs “massacre”; Ban Ki-moon changes narrative to al-Qaeda after real Syrian opposition melts away; al-Nusra music video vs “the daily suicide attacks and beheadings, so familiar from Iraq, have not yet come to Syria”, ACC impressed with interstitial explosions; Irish NGO launches YouTube human rights channel Storyful, slick video production from Peter Gabriel’s headed by Yvette Alberdingk Thijm of MTV and failed internet TV platform Joost; screaming JCD skit
0:35:52Robert Zubrin discusses his book Merchants of Despair, USAID forced sterilization in Africa and Indonesia due to Cold War foreign policy, nuclear power and bioengineering, Johnson-era EPA vs DDT, 1972 Club of Rome report The Limits to Growth predicting no more oil by 2003, author Jørgen Randers’ new book 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years predicting “we’re all gonna die!”; JCD on Pearson’s computer book consolidation
0:54:33Reuters reports on German solar production based on futures trading; Randers promotes “propaganda from the publisher” predicting 2020 EU breakup and self-programming robots “which is really the interesting end to all of this”, ACC: “I hate to play the Unabomber card”
1:01:53Producer Segment: no Executive Producers
1:03:27NIH finds over a third of malaria drugs are tainted or ineffective
1:06:52“The most respected female politician in Washington” Lucifer Clinton introduces latest Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: “we are watching and we are holding you accountable”, special needling for Syria; China points out dismal human rights record in US; UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights “fair and public hearing” vs John Brennan’s dronings
1:24:37Donation Segment: The Carrie Diaries promo; PBS Rick Steves fundraising botch
1:48:03ACC’s acupuncture session with Ms. Micky’s “voodoo doctor”, mercury implicated as Tourette syndrome culprit; JCD on digital music theories from Mark Levinson and Dick Burwen
1:58:22The Spear portrait of Jacob Zuma and his genitalia defaced on camera; 33-year jail sentence for Pakistani doctor who helped CIA with “captured and executed” Osama bin Laden (CotD)
2:06:17Obama makes repeated reference to “my sons”; robotic Elizabeth Warren dodges question about her Cherokee heritage by repeating the phrase “getting hammered”
2:13:29Australian businesses instituting “bully check” for prospective employees; British inquest for “spy in a bag” Gareth Williams hears testimony from “confined space specialist” Peter Faulding; United 93 pilot Jason Dahl’s widow Sandy dead at 52, to Wolf Blitzer in 2004: “I have signed papers with the FBI saying that I wouldn’t [reveal contents of cockpit recordings]”
2:19:49Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tries to channel Oprah at commencement speech
2:21:08Ukrainian National Olympic official caught by BBC scalping tickets; 1/3 of tickets unsold
2:24:32Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash in Indonesia linked by Russian GRU to industrial espionage
2:25:43Douchebag Jan Kees de Jager gloats about austerity to Euronews; protesting students in Quebec wearing “red square patch”; de Jager enthuses about “high-quality package” of reforms
2:32:13Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi winning in Egypt; Sharia4Holland in play
2:35:38Naked face-chewing “zombie” shot by police in Miami