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410 The Cheeseburger Code (2012-05-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “It makes your skin crawl.” (1:05:45)
0:00:31JCD’s clippity-clop coconuts; Obama trading “cheeseburgers in Chicago” and “cheeseburgers go very well with french fries” coded references with François Hollande, ACC: “I think Syria is coming down, John” because Anderson Pooper is in Turkey near the border
0:07:25Nixon’s douchebag special counsel Chuck Colson memorialized in Congress
0:15:14ABC News meme ding-fest for Chicago “domestic terrorism” plot with weaponry consisting of “a mortar gun, swords, a hunting bow, throwing stars, knives with brass knuckles, and several beer bottles filled with gasoline”, actress defense attorney, “black bloc” from late 1970s
0:20:41NDAA Section 1021 ruled unconstitutional; Rep. Louie “crap and trade” Gohmert argues for power of Congress to “constitute tribunals”; amendment for $1.47T in additional budget authority; §1029 “Rights Unaffected” amendment with “application” for habeas corpus, anti-Russia and 25% renewable energy provisions, $200M for military musical units, JCD: “all slide whistle”, Boko Haram designated a terrorist organization, WikiLeaks crackdown, Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 for domestic use of State Department propaganda
0:48:34Producer Segment
0:57:01MSNBC’s Touré politicizes “homophobic” opposition to Donna Summer’s “gay exuberance and joy” disco career, ACC: “it didn’t evolve into hip-hop, you idiot, we had punk!”, “a large group of fans who wanted to proclaim the resurgence of white male power”; Don Lemon struggles to hide his indifference to transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova
1:07:01M. Sanjayan to CBS Evening News: Americans are “living in a planet with a fever”, ACC: “my planet needs more cowbell!”, “State Farm won’t sell insurance in Florida”, JCD: “because of hurricanes!”, Sanjayan chief scientist at $5bn nonprofit Nature Conservancy
1:20:30BBC reverently celebrates arrival of the Olympic flame following its flight in “safety cradle”, JCD story: observing Dallas event in which “some idiot runs by in jogging pants” with Olympic torch, torches already up on eBay; Rockefeller Foundation pamphlet Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development predicts 2012 influenza pandemic and “doom decade” with Olympic bombing; New York Times normalizing insider trading
1:33:12Donation Segment
1:44:48Obama welcomes G8 Summit to Camp David: “I’m glad that we could arrange for good weather”, more discussion of Syria, open-ended ESM kicking in on July 11; Haiku Herman in pink sweater: Greeks spending tax money from the other 16 countries, “we will do whatever to guarantee the financial stability of the Eurozone”; anti-immigrant Golden Dawn Party gaining seats in Greek Parliament, “they beat ‘em up and the next day nobody was here, I dunno why!
1:56:14Democracy Now on Honduras as epicenter of drug trafficking; former President Manuel Zelaya abducted in his pajamas; recent Afghan opium price spike; Obama renews litany of Bush-era state of emergency orders for Iraq; Bahrain resistance crushed to enable US attack on Iran
2:07:29Constitutional supremacy as applied to treaties, Law of the Sea Treaty set to come before Senate, former Ambassador John Bolton warning against handover of sovereignty to UN body headquartered in Jamaica, douchebag Leon Panetta to Atlantic Council: oil and gas industries “need this treaty to do business!”, DoD “so damn big … they don’t even know we’re here”
2:17:20Sen. Barbara Boxer agitating for Rights of the Child Treaty which forbids spanking
2:21:23ACC preparing for $17 Facebook and internet decentralization; BBC on $1T Greek exit, Queen Sophia ditches Diamond Jubilee, whites a US minority, “breakthrough” pork deal with China