Call Clooney!

40 Hydroxy Booster (2008-07-27)

Show 40 album art
0:00:16JCD recently in Florida; ACC on process of taking Chunnel in car, French customs within UK; JCD on danger of driving right-hand drive car on right side of the road
0:10:10Wacky Zwarte Cross Festival meetup on “hydroxy booster” mileage extender; “Euratom” European Atomic Energy Community legally untouchable by EU
0:23:28“Postmodern fascism” suggestion and Webster Tarpley video, Project Camelot whistleblower site, 9/11 holograms, Disney holographic presenter; UFOs and depopulation theory, JCD on Joe Firmage “any minute now” antigravity talking points, ACC: “we have bases on the Moon”
0:32:42Two companies claim to have H5N1 vaccines, 1918 Spanish flu soldier inoculation theory, JCD: “now I know why people love this show!”
0:35:48News stations being sponsored by McDonald’s; jalapenos now being blamed for salmonella
0:37:24Obama rock concert in Europe; two-teleprompter setup, Berlin “the poppies in Afghanistan comes to Berlin” botch, French personal information database, wild applause for “my father grew up herding goats in Kenya”, alliterative “cars in Boston and factories in Beijing” and global warming; Banking Committee false claim, relative liberating Auschwitz
0:54:02JCD: MSNBC “the Obama station”; ageist McCain stereotyping by liberals
0:58:32EMI bought by Terra Firma for £4bn, Rolling Stones ditch for Universal with back catalog; UK ISP peer to peer three strikes, one-hit-wonder Feargal Sharkey: “British creative community is suffering”, ACC “bunch of crock”
1:04:59ACC’s visit to stepfather Bob, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd lyrics; JCD on innovative concert technologies; crappy MP3s and earbuds
1:14:05JCD’s hydroxy booster skepticism, JCD on barriers to implementing innovations, ACC: “at the end of the day, you can’t deny I had to put less gas in”, early fuel injection systems
1:20:17ACC not all-in on Nibiru, moon bases vs fake landing, Chinese headed to moon; UFOs and The X Files; At The Movies ditches thumbs up/down
1:26:44Aric’s Craigsfindr aggregator; “Bubba” Martin show notes plug