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409 Head Lag (2012-05-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “I always keep a bottle of helium in the house.” (0:53:53)
0:00:31Donna Summer dead at 63, distraction from hanging suicide of Mary Kennedy; ACC’s former employee’s mansion in smoggy Malibu, high-end porn site, JCD: “I’m sure one of them’s a Russian mob boss’ girlfriend”, BitTorrent IP address subpoenas and subsequent mob shakedown; no answer from Joe Rogan; No Agenda mentioned in BBC Flipboard story; rogue SEO puts Nigerian politician Adams Oshiomhole in the middle of No Agenda results
0:14:22Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin’s plan to renounce US citizenship because of FACTA Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, possible IPO price manipulation
0:26:04Rep. Adam Smith all-in on H.R.4310 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013
0:28:31Producer Segment: “sharp downturn” in NPR ad revenue; two-year-old’s “shut up, slave!”
0:36:34NDAA 2013 East Coast missile defense site with “advanced kill vehicle”, directed energy weapons, “clandestine operations” in cyberspace, legal justifications for indefinite detention
0:49:06Executive Order 13611 Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen and continuing attacks on natural gas pipelines in Yemen; balloon suppliers in dire straits due to helium shortage, JCD’s household helium and argon supplies
0:57:02Clippity-Clop: contingent from earthquake-wracked Tajikistan in US to discuss “a full range of issues”, ACC: “you’re such a lying sack of crap, Clinton!”; Yemen curiously absent from Wes Clark Seven; CNN’s dismal sweeps week viewership; Erin Burnett shows “a drawing of what’s believed to be a nuclear explosion containment chamber” in Iran, JCD: “it’s a compost bin!”
1:09:00Producer notes on equal treatment under the law for gay marriage; JCD on Newsweek “First Gay President” hit job masterminded by Clinton; Erin Burnett amused by Obama’s “feminine mystique”, Title 9 women’s sports provision (JCDPPotD); ACC’s “Jewish lesbian power couple” convinced Clinton is promoting Sharia Law; ACC reading Unabomber Manifesto Industrial Society and its Future; ACC’s “opt-out, opt-out!” alert at LAX “humiliation tunnel”
1:30:11Censored TED talk by Nick Hanauer; ACC’s “Epson salt” remedy undetected by TSA
1:35:09Ed Schultz reflects “as I got one on this morning … I thought about the flight attendants”; Chris Matthews: “let’s be fair… I don’t wanna say, let’s be fair
1:37:09Donation Segment: FCC gives the go-ahead for NPR to fund-raise for third parties
1:59:29JCD on the uselessness of the moment magnitude scale for earthquakes
2:00:19BBC and The Lancet pushing preventive use of statins: “we’ve got to consider treatments for healthy people”; FDA and Genentech funding drug trial with those “genetically guaranteed” to develop Alzheimer’s; Starbucks-sponsored Morning Joe exaggerating link between coffee and longevity; adverse reactions to HPV vaccine in 26 of 720 Melbourne girls attributed to mass hysteria; “lovesick” British girl dies of tuberculosis; Stockton TB patient arrested for not taking medication; DSM-5 conduct disorder quiz; ABC News on autism “head lag” test for six-month-olds “because early intervention is key”, ACC: “gotta get the kids doped up quick!”
2:19:10And Now Back to Real News: spoiler-free Smash finale preview for ACC
2:20:56JCD calls bullcrap on recent “food desert” meme on Real Time with Bill Maher
2:25:02The Euro: Barroso reminds Greece that it is part of “our family”, €1bn withdrawn in 24 hours, 78-year-old Dutch man beaten, Italian tax offices guarded by soldiers, €12bn Dutch austerity package; British media calls on Germany to pony up; 2012 Ageing Report: older Europeans “need to work longer and expect less”; Geert Wilders suing over ESM ratification
2:35:35California income tax headed to 13.3%; Chris Matthews Jeopardy! humiliation for end of show