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408 Odious Debt (2012-05-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “This is just asking for trouble!” (1:04:08)
0:00:31Burbank manhunt for missing FBI agent Stephen Ivans claimed to be potentially suicidal; new “DHS insider” accusing Obama administration of fomenting massive unrest to cement re-election; Chronicle of Higher Education blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley fired over criticism of black studies programs; Mitt Romney’s commencement speech at Liberty University
0:10:42Singularity University still using AOL e-mail address, “dear carbon mass” pitch letter for “world-class speculative instruction”, JCD: Ray Kurzweil “unstable” with no sense of humor
0:14:41Tim Carney goes off script on MSNBC’s Tamron Hall: “you hype up a story and then you justify the second-day coverage … by saying, oh, well, people are talking about it”, Hall fumes “you’re not gonna come on and insult the network … I’m done!” and cuts Carney off (CotD)
0:22:07Black former Romney Cranbrook classmate incoherently reminisces about racist “cigar fishing”
0:25:07Producer Segment: crowdfunded documentary Debtocracy
0:36:58Non-fake holiday Mother’s Day dating from 1914 and commercialized in the 1920s
0:38:33CNN shamelessly promoting Time cover with Isis-Horus breastfeeding photo with kid in camouflage pants, JCD Red Book: “a good one” coming in 2020; Rubicon crossword puzzle code in Venezuela assassination plot; Robert De Niro’s Wag the Dog character predicts war on terror
0:49:16ACC’s overuse of “turns out”; producer irked by sloppy use of “homophobia”, JCD identifies “heterophobia”; ACC on the privileges of marriage and civil unions; Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin vs registration and licensing, ACC’s foray into title insurance, Samuel Moyn’s The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History, JCD on “cockamamie schemes” used to avoid paying income tax; Ms. Micky’s $420 visa application fee and direct bank withdrawal
1:06:55Obama’s “handy to-do list, just like the kind I get from Michelle”; “fired up and ready to go!
1:11:59Lucifer Clinton introduces Crown Prince of Bahrain on the eve of resumption of weapons sales
1:15:57Kentucky Derby murder investigation complicated by the fact that many potential witnesses are “undocumented citizens”, JCD: “these races are rigged”, 2006 incident with Barbaro losing to unknown horse from Dubai at Preakness Stakes and breaking his leg
1:20:45Bogus techno-expert nonprofit NTEN Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, sudden jump in revenues in 2010, shared physical address with
1:30:07Debtocracy documentary compares Greece and Argentina, “odious debt” legal theory invoked in 2008 by Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa and by Bush administration before annexing Iraq; 100,000 unemployed Indignatos protesting in Madrid
1:41:00SEAL Team 6 and 9/11 commemorative coin “secret stealth helicopter” ad revisited
1:44:00Donation Segment: “Red Rupert” Murdoch; “MTV legend” Carson Daly
1:58:08UN report blames Haiti for lack of progress; Red Cross planning $10.5M luxury hotel and conference center; $20bn in gold deposits under development for five years
2:04:25Ron Paul’s off-the-record breakfast with Ben Bernanke; Jamie Dimon re-tapes Meet the Press interview in light of JPMorgan Chase’s $2bn loss; George Soros for end of show
2:13:49“Abhorrent” BBC nanny state ad; phone tap testimony with “blow job artist” Rebekah Brooks
2:19:16Martin Dempsey accidentally links Syrian opposition to al-Qaeda during press briefing
2:25:28John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: crippling college debt; Olympics dirty bomb video
2:28:22Ask Adam: new Olympic sculpture “looks like a helter skelter”, Bishopsgate tower R2-D2
2:32:34Researchers using Kinect to detect autism; antibiotic-resistant TB running rampant; 4x increase in UK Ritalin prescriptions; Mark Zuckerberg’s pot-smoking alter ego Jacob Greenberg