Call Clooney!

407 Exploding Dog (2012-05-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is wrong with the BBC that they can’t vet some guy like this??” (0:59:08)
0:00:34Obama trots out his evangelical voice for “it’s still about hope” in Virginia; Joe Biden’s unexpected gay marriage comments vs BBC on Saudi “double agent” underwear bomber, need for X-ray screening to “penetrate” passengers in search of metal-free bombs; ABC frets over “dual detonation system!”, Brian Ross to drunk Diane Sawyer: “no real threat”; statement from FBI Director Robert Mueller: AQAP “top counterterrorism threat to the nation”, “currently exploiting an IED … seized overseas”; drunk Diane laments “the one device that can actually detect a nonmetallic plastic explosive” gathering dust in TSA warehouse because “they ordered extras to get a discount”, bitching from old lady Michael Chertoff
0:16:33Even drunker Diane Sawyer: Ibrahim al-Asiri designing surgically implanted bombs for pets, RAND spokeshole : “he’s got an operational savvy to him”, JCD predicts pre-election droning; Darrell Issa credits CIA with foiling nonexistent “failed bombing attempt”; Rep. Bob Goodlatte perplexes Mueller with NDAA indefinite detention; ACC’s anal probe nightmare
0:27:24Producer Segment: JCD’s “four-bean bogative chili” recipe; slide whistle donation vote
0:37:49Explanation for non-US citizens of Constitution and Obama’s same-sex marriage reversal; cherry-picked quote aired out of context on Good Morning America, “different states are coming to different conclusions”, Obama agrees with interviewer’s assertion that all black people are homophobes, blatant lie that he had “already made a decision” before Biden’s slip, Washington Post: one in six campaign bundlers are gay; Asheville “Sheville” North Carolina
0:53:28American Syrian Public Affairs Committee president propagates “brutal regime” and “raping women” memes to BBC, Washington headquarters a Davinci Virtual mail drop, connected to anti-Russia William Kristol’s e21 think tank; conveniently-timed Executive Order 13608 Prohibiting Certain Transactions With and Suspending Entry Into the United States of Foreign Sanctions Evaders With Respect to Iran and Syria; H.R.4133 United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act to promote Iron Dome missile defense system
1:07:16Media ignoring Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve reform bills; Rohrabacher-Farr amendment to protect medical cannabis laws, Rep. Sam Farr invokes states’ rights, drunk Rep. Frank Wolf rants about “the top revenue generator for Mexican drug trafficking organizations!”, Reefer Madness callback, Rep. Barney Frank: “we should’ve been debating it at 4:20”
1:21:02Airbus competitor Sukhoi Superjet crashes during demonstration flight in Indonesia; F-22 Raptor pilot blackouts an obvious reason to favor drones; Air Force spying on US citizens
1:27:58The Weekly Hooker Report jingle, Long Island “hot dog hooker” Catherine Scalia; BBC on “Asian men” in Manchester pimping teenage girls
1:33:03Donation Segment: Matt Taibbi on “foregone conclusion” taboo in media to keep selling ads
1:55:28New IPCC report reverses “climate is not weather” custom, invokes refugee and human rights law, “responsibility to protect” doctrine; The New Yorker promoting geoengineering
2:08:47Greek leaders calling for debt audit, “Brussels or Berlin” being used together; EU Commission president: shut up and pay; Nigel Farage: “I owe no allegiance to that flag!”; draft European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children calling for EID adoption and an end to anonymity
2:27:14Haiku Herman: “we have to create more Europe”, JCD: “resistance is futile”, “hi Herman!” from American, constantly-changing bogus investment math
2:34:52Call Clooney: trailer for new film Argo; Swiss ambassador at “hiker” wedding
2:37:50Kim Jong-un amusement park inspection; ACC’s HPV script; libertarian rant for end of show