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404 Spy in a Bag (2012-04-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Curry just gave me a good stock tip … I’m gonna make a killing!” (2:04:21)
0:00:36William Pace dead at 103 with bullet still in head; disc jockey Pete Fornatale dead at 66
0:04:24ACC’s new invention “syntheslider” MIDI slide whistle, “we are gonna be billionaires, John!”
0:10:00Sheila Jackson Lee’s Houston BusSafe TSA program revisited; man on the street “I’m not gonna let you in my bag unless you have a warrant!” pushback, METRO lies about “mistake” in claiming bags would be randomly searched, ACC: “a win for the slaves of Texas!”
0:15:13Producer Segment: official pronunciation of Abbottabad /ˈæ.bə.tə.bad/; ACC’s drunk DSC
0:33:40Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris accused by director Robert Guédiguian of “ignoring poor Parisians”; BBC lies about Netherlands trying to cut down on “drug tourists” causing traffic jams by requiring coffee shop memberships; ACC on rollback of Schengen Agreement in Spain ahead of ECB meeting, conspiracy-oriented circles theorizing about German takeover
0:45:30Dutch austerity package with VAT increase to 21% and higher healthcare fees except for psychiatric services; Spanish unemployment near 18-year-high of 25% and rising; €250M in emergency funding for Greek electric utilities after bundling power bills with property taxes
0:54:28Las Cruces threatening to shut off utilities over unpaid citations; ignition interlock scams
1:01:45White House Correspondents’ Dinner comedy for end of show, visibly nervous Jimmy Kimmel challenges Obama with “what’s with the marijuana crackdown?”, Obama’s lame Sarah Palin “a pit bull is delicious” joke, Huffington Post Pulitzer jab “and you don’t pay them, it’s a great business model!”, Kim Kardashian’s presence the final insult
1:10:18CISPA passes House of Representatives with amendment to “limit” sharing of cybersecurity information, extension of child pornography to “psychological threats” aka bullying; H.R.2096 Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2012 with “cybersecurity university-industry task force” Brownshirts, cloud computing strategy; NSA sniffing around JCD’s clips sent via Gmail
1:20:54Obama weekly address on Executive Order 13607 Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members in a bonanza for “nonprofit” universities in cahoots with federal government
1:25:42Stammering Obama trots out his tired old “marry up” joke at Fort Stewart Georgia
1:28:16University of Texas Ron Paul rally; FCC to require data on political ads
1:31:50Ask Adam: young people rate importance of political issues with climate change dead last
1:35:02Donation Segment
1:54:05Producer horror stories about Gardasil pap smear scam, Merck promoting Hologic Cervista HPV test, GAVI Alliance “scan and shoot” campaign in Africa, 1995 MDDI article Product Promotion Strategy Links Drugs and Devices predicting spectacular conflicts of interest, ACC puts out call for whistleblowers, JCD recommends taking a look at HOLX stock
2:07:17Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko on hunger strike ahead of tax evasion trial
2:10:04Inquest into two-year-old death of British MI6 spy Gareth Williams “the intelligence officer found in a bag”, “did he get inside the bag himself, or was he put there?”; Tymoshenko jailed over 2009 gas deal with Russia; ACC Red Book: unrest triggered by racist tweets
2:17:04Alameda Country SWAT team in Jordan for counterterrorism competition
2:19:25Joe Biden: “I promise you, the President has a big stick”; Oklahoma man arrested with “meth lab in his pants”; Australian Minister Bill Shorten impresses Sky News with his loyalty to the PM: “I haven’t seen what she said, but let me say I support what it is that she said” (CotD)
2:24:17Syria-bound weapons seized in Lebanon; China lends $8bn to Sudan, ACC: “where’s Clooney?”