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403 Pharmacy in a Fruit (2012-04-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “I swallowed the slide whistle.” (1:35:07)
0:00:33The War on Chicken: mad cow disease at Baker Commodities rendering plant, cattle futures rebound after South Korea relents on ban; PBS on pre-1929 payoffs to financial journalists
0:09:33Producer Segment: Hot Pockets 2009 Tour fundraising barbecue
0:13:50ABC copy-paste journalism with “disturbing new trend among teens” distilling hand sanitizer
0:20:04CNN’s sketchy Arwa Damon on videos that “appear to be” from Duma Syria, “according to opposition activists” litany; French foreign minister calls for action to keep Sarkozy in power
0:26:32“Full of shit” BBC fawns over Gordon Ramsay clone Marco Pierre White; BBC: “the Salton Sea was known as the French Riviera of California”, ACC: “it’s a trailer park” encountered on Hot Pockets 2008 Tour test run, JCD: “they are a fucked-up organization!” (JCDPPotD); photo of Christine Lagarde briefly featured on Wikipedia page for “annoying”
0:33:10JCD’s Newsletter race riots essay, NBC Los Angeles tweeting as @RealTimeLARiots; Dr. Drew asks Rodney King about parallel with Trayvon Martin, O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark: “growing up black in the United States is a different experience than growing up white”; ACC predicts August 11 anniversary of Watts riots coinciding with George Zimmerman acquittal
0:44:21Obama video with Arabic subtitles addressed to Sudan; Susan Rice on Security Council condemning attack on UNAMID United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur “peacekeepers”
0:49:28Obama at Holocaust Museum on Atrocities Prevention Board with “alert channels”; Executive Order 13606 Blocking the Property and Suspending Entry into the United States of Certain Persons with Respect to Grave Human Rights Abuses by the Governments of Iran and Syria via Information Technology; “national sovereignty is never a license to slaughter your people”
1:00:40Obama to UNC Chapel Hill students on his low-end American dream of “putting a little away for retirement”, audio drop-out in “a lot more loans, there are fewer grant… can I get an amen”, amen for average debt of $25,000; H.R.4170 student loan bill guaranteed to fail
1:10:29Leon Panetta’s new businessman spy network in competition with CIA; Tim Weiner’s Enemies: A History of the FBI debunks story of J. Edgar Hoover being gay
1:15:18Dianne Feinstein begs Lucy Napolitano to stop arresting her 600,000 illegal farm workers; Victoria Nuland on three marines and an embassy employee tossing a hooker out of a car in Brazil: “as you know, we don’t talk about our personnel for privacy reasons”
1:26:58Media largely ignoring Ron Paul wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Wall Street taking note of guest host spot on CNBC, ACC heading to University of Texas rally
1:32:58Donation Segment: JCD recommends Samba99 cupuaçu “pharmacy in a fruit” bars
1:54:01Singularity University talk on Maasai warrior phone connectivity, Moore’s Law for solar power, saving the world with “in vitro meat, not to be confused with pink slime”
2:01:29PhRMA report on 300 “vaccines” in development including ricin poisoning; Adam Levine shilling for and Adderall maker Shire Plc, JCD takes ADHD quiz; NBC and Walgreens pushing pneumonia and shingles vaccines for adults to “at least reduce the severity of the disease”; polio and Guillain-Barré syndrome; ACC on HPV pap smear scam
2:20:11Maury Povich white trash adultery chaos; Povich introduces ACC in 1992
2:24:12Former FBI Director Louis Freeh to Senate hearing: “just beginning” MF Global investigation
2:29:03Haiku Herman: European Investment Bank magically turns €10bn into €180bn; Dutch cabinet bites the dust; Amnesty International condemns headscarf bans; $70 cigarettes in New Zealand
2:37:20“It’s gonna take a while” lie added to TSA opt-out script, unguarded first class line