Call Clooney!

402 Drunk or Not Drunk? (2012-04-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “China food safer than US food!” (2:02:11)
0:00:33Time Warner working on cable cut near ACC; Ms. Micky “sucking head” at crawfish boil
0:07:26Rep. Jason Chaffetz grills former GSA chief Martha Johnson over nonexistence of much-hyped; ACC’s “government legislation analyst” job description
0:12:08Sarah Palin reacts to douchebag agent David Chaney “checking her out”
0:15:43Media ignores “pledges” from IMF members which don’t add up to the $430bn claimed; Christine Lagarde lies “we don’t brag much about what we do” defying Myanmar sanctions
0:24:00Producer Segment: No Agenda News iOS app
0:31:57Obama weekly address: higher education “an economic imperative that every family must be able to afford” by taking out ruinous student loans, on July 1 “interest rates on some student loans will double” lie; H.R.4170 Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 “well-educated citizenry”, immediate bank bailout using part of military budget
0:43:39National Mortgage Settlement program paying out about $2,000 each to individuals and handing the rest over to the states to squander, remaining $21bn to be “dedicated” to various relief endeavors, monitoring by commercial revolving-door third party
0:50:09Obama campaign credits Jon Corzine with raising $500,000, Call Clooney! jingle
0:55:13JCD predicts no prison time for Walmart executives involved in Mexico bribery cover-up
0:57:46Head-on train collision a nice distraction from Dutch government on its last legs
0:59:35Drunk or Not Drunk: Jim Clymer announces Virgil Goode at Constitution Party convention; high or not high Victoria Nuland laughing like a hyena; Goode’s bizarre pronunciation of “now” nayah, promises end to “diversity visa” lottery, JCD: “little ping-pong balls with numbers on ’em”; ACC’s $2,600 check to DHS, JCD takes INS citizenship test
1:16:46Hillary Clinton “uh” ding-fest with plans for Assad, slow-talking “uh” litany in Paris for Security Council “Chapter Seven sanctions resolution” to bomb Syria in the name of peace; Turkey invoking NATO Article 4; Victoria Nuland on $33M in “humanitarian aid” for sketchy NGOs in Syria: “we’re not giving this to Uncle Joe, who’s… playin’ around”; Nuland all-in on Bahrain Grand Prix going ahead in spite of black-hooded police on a murderous rampage against protestors; ACC looking into Lebanese Osseiran family and possible drug pipeline
1:33:21Donation Segment: ACC up for 24 hours as result of Ritalin experiment
1:55:43The War on Chicken: PETA front PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, stooge Alec Baldwin’s 2007 “you have humiliated me for the last time” message for eleven-year-old daughter, 6,500 cases of copy-paste journalism found by searching “dizzying 175 birds per minute” including Chinese propaganda (JCDPPotD); PCRM fearmongering press releases
2:06:48CDC: vaccinated children at higher risk of pertussis so they should get more vaccine
2:09:29ACC’s friend from Texarkana recommending A&E’s Duck Dynasty
2:12:44EPA shutting down farm operated by former NFL Clint Didier, Fox Business idiot propagates “federal law trumps state law”; Forbes on Fox OnlineBootyCall “loser!” ad; vs with Dr. Drew Pinsky, California “burn page” ban, bullied celebrities list
2:28:24Melinda Gates at TEDx: African women prefer covert injectable contraceptives; Prince Philip in 1984: population “reaching plague proportions”; UNICEF kids “will do anything” to fight climate change; “A Tennessee Fireman’s Solution to Climate Change” article by Steve Zwick
2:38:16San Mateo-Hayward Bridge pileup; Italian museum burning paintings to protest austerity
2:42:05H.R.1505 National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act handing over land to DHS