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401 The War on Chicken (2012-04-19)

Show 401 album art
0:00:00JCD: “They have done nothing but annoy the public.” (0:15:19)
0:00:31JCD on the history of “Formula 401” cleaner
0:02:46Hysteria over US soldiers posing with Taliban body parts, JCD: “hey, heads have already rolled!”; disgraced Secret Service looking into comments from Ted Nugent; Barbara “Lurch” Starr: “of course people in the US military engage prostitutes”, “bad apples” meme; Wolf Blitzer signals his approval of Lucifer Clinton “shaking her rump” in Colombia
0:08:44Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee all-in on undercover TSA “BusSafe” program in Houston; local news man on the street delighted with “sniffing out trouble before it happens”, objector: “people always axe me for my food!”; producer note on being unable to opt out of “radio wave” scanner
0:17:43Producer Segment: lame “full-fledged” gay joke explained; Crash Helmet Kathy
0:29:08Anders Breivik claiming nødrett “necessity” translated as “self defense”, cameras forbidden and no transcript of 73-minute testimony published anywhere, “the last time there was real democracy in Europe, he said, was when Hitler came to power”, “panel of psychiatrists” analyzing everything, PBS concerned with “platform” for his views in spite of censorship; JCD on publication of Unabomber Manifesto leading to arrest of Ted Kaczynski
0:41:21Breivik’s “compendium” 2083: A European Declaration of Independence on Europe’s history of “cultural Marxism”, Ottoman Empire vs Vienna in 1683, killing next generation of socialists
0:58:04Obama invoking Hitler’s “social Darwinism” meme when discussing GOP budget; Hitler “we are socialists” applied to Democrats; Wall Street Insider on slipping meme into Chris Wallace interview; MSM claiming Romney & Obama are neck-and-neck to keep ad revenue flowing in
1:05:14Charlie Rose plugging The Five-Year Engagement with Judd Apatow; Glee capitalizing on Robin Gibb’s coma; Nightline teaser promoting The Avengers; ACC recommends Albert Nobbs
1:12:54Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos with Obama: “we are allies in building a New World Order”; Julia Louis-Dreyfus refuses to disclose to Jon Stewart which vice presidents she met
1:17:34CCHR Citizens Commission on Human Rights’ Dr. Thomas Szasz: ADHD “simply not a disease” for end of show; CDC: 40 prescription drug deaths per day; Whitney Houston’s “generic Xanax”; front for big pharma; zombie apocalypse Google map
1:27:09Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella a sign of things to come for artists’ rights
1:30:04Donation Segment
1:45:29PBS to run political ads; Sting’s wife Trudie Styler “actress, activist, vintner, and yogi”
1:48:18Hunched-over Diane Sawyer on USDA abandoning its role in chicken processing inspections
1:52:01Economic Hit Man jingle, Argentina nationalizes oil company TPF four hours after Sinopec offers to buy it from Repsol for $15bn; Obama’s Malvinas/Maldives gaffe; H.R.4221 Increasing American Jobs Through Greater Exports to Africa Act, Bill Clinton on Export-Import Bank home page; Chinese companies doing US bridge construction; ACC helmetless welding story
2:03:27Barcelona residents living in their cars; Netherlands facing Fitch downgrade, Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager requiring bankers to swear oath of ethics; Russians looking to buy Greek rail; Nigel Farage to José Manuel Barroso: “the euro is doomed!”
2:13:27Erin Burnett transitions from Amnesty International giving Bahrain the thumbs-down to Pippa Middleton at “raunchy costume bash”; Neil Heywood’s mysterious death in China
2:20:42Black helicopters in downtown Chicago as part of “training exercise”
2:24:10MAP-21 requiring vehicle data recorders; Corrections Corporation of America buying prisons
2:31:41Michael Bloomberg proposes ban on smoking in your home; The War on Chicken jingle