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400 This is How We Spin (2012-04-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Waeuaeuaeuaeu!” (1:10:41)
0:00:36ACC jumps the gun ever so slightly in announcing “our sixth year”
0:03:22The McLaughlin Group’s discussion of Guatemalan drug legalization revisited in light of Secret Service “hookers and blow” scandal in Cartagena; Costa Rican & Guatemalan presidents all-in, annoyed Obama: “I personally don’t agree that that’s a solution to the problem”; Secret Service mission statement “to preserve the integrity of the economy”; Fox News “Hugo Castro”
0:16:53ACC’s gay hookers theory and DHS recruiting images at; Gay USA on White House Champions of Change video contest, George W. Bush’s use of “fabulous”, bizarre BYU “full-fledged” joke; ACC on NATO equating gay rights and human rights
0:25:13Newt Gingrich proposes extending Second Amendment worldwide at NRA meeting; Michael Bloomberg’s example of undercover police against “license to murder” stand your ground laws, pissed off when asked about New Black Panther Party bounty on George Zimmerman
0:32:25Producer Segment: “we own page 6” due to producer’s SEO work
0:43:29CVC and boyfriend Juan irked at Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram; The Fact of the Matter song; Obama “fact of the matter” when questioned about gallivanting around the country
0:48:42God Bless America as recreation of Network, “bad acting with an interesting message”
0:49:57“Great question” about Paul and Santorum running third party, ACC suspects Ross Perot move against Santorum, Reince Priebus treating Romney nomination as a foregone conclusion
0:56:33Obamacare individual mandate vs Second Militia Act of 1792; ad for Orencia rheumatoid arthritis drug: “cases of lymphoma and lung cancer”; 1939 Campbell’s tomato soup “racy flavor” ad; sexual side effects from Merck male baldness drugs; autistic Grateful Dead “spinners”
1:07:17Kamari Maxine Clarke: Kony 2012 funded with $1M from JPMorgan Chase; BBC Radio 4 live from Liberia; CNN’s Brenda Bush reflects on “armed, drugged, and deadly” child soldiers under Charles Taylor; AFRICOM headquarters to be moved from Stuttgart to Liberia; $24T worth of minerals in DRC; MSNBC photo of Hillary Clinton dancing with hot Colombian girls
1:22:23And Now Back to Real News: “captivated!” meme for release of Titanic 3D; Washington Post tipped off about Secret Service hooker scandal by author Ronald Kessler just in time for publication of his book In The President’s Secret Service
1:25:38UN to send “advance team” of 30 “unarmed observers” to Syria, Turkish Prime Minister set to invoke NATO Article 5; 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix sufficiently removed from violent anti-government protests, video of police helping “Sunni mob” trash convenience store; Balochistan beginning descent into civil war as Pakistan tells US to knock off the drone strikes
1:33:54ACC: C-SPAN “one unpaid electric bill away from being a radio station”; Democracy Now predicts use of LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device weapon on NATO Summit protestors in Chicago; local news: “you can hear the messages with clarity several hundred yards away”
1:38:45Donation Segment: “this is how we spin”
1:54:31ACC predicts gay hookers in Secret Service scandal; cameras on San Francisco buses scanning for parking violations; ACC still looking for Hot Pockets 2009 Tour trailer
2:00:33TSA testing new document scanners to track passengers; Boston TSA agent arrested for child pornography; Tarek Mehanna sentenced to 17.5 years for supporting al-Qaeda
2:08:0333% increase in school prom costs; rumors of Bill Clinton buying private island; Iceland forgives mortgage debts, ESM austerity for Portugal; Fox News on Iran “mullocracy”
2:21:02Hollywood Whackers: CIA wannabe publicist Michael Sands chokes on deli meat sample