Call Clooney!

3 No Agenda 003 (2007-11-09)

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0:00:18ACC being overworked by PodShow, JCD on insane incoming traffic to San Francisco, “Tower of Death” One Rincon Hill at base of Bay Bridge, stabilizing water tanks at top of building
0:04:06American dollar now worth less than Canadian dollar, Gisele B√ľndchen wants to be paid in euros, ACC on New York City tunnel toll increases, JCD on promises of toll-free Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Bill Gates dollar divestiture, GM’s $28bn loss, ACC: “maybe they’re also part of the subprime problem”, JCD: real news reporting not cost-effective, ACC on ignorant tech reporters, proposal to leverage writer’s strike after Reuters report on online ad sales, Jack Myers on nebulousness of online ad pricing, ad agencies’ 15%
0:17:43Linda Stein bludgeoned to death by assistant with “yoga stick”
0:18:51ACC reads AOL top stories, “musical code found in Da Vinci painting”, attempts to restore “The Last Supper”, “The Night’s Watch” slashing at Rijksmuseum, JCD on unprotected Mona Lisa and Stonehenge in 1973, Blowup guitar scene
0:24:13GM’s third-quarter losses broken down
0:25:46JCD’s MarketWatch column on Tom Lantos grilling Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and giving AT&T a pass for helping intelligence agencies; Algemeen Dagblad story of Dutch couple with expired tourist visas jailed for six weeks in Texas, “psychological test which he had answered incorrectly”, “everywhere that American flag, it looks like Nazi Germany”; JCD seeing female hitchhikers