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39 Fascism Today (2008-07-19)

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0:00:20ACC holiday in South of France, Russians at Nikki Beach, artichoke at Le Club 55, Bastille Day party at rooftop penthouse; ACC on hundred-person line for iPhone 3G, opting for Nokia E71, new UK phone number, ACC: “trying to get one that’s not being tapped”
0:14:49JCD on efficiency of New York Times had copy vs internet, 7500-word transcribed speech, newspaper marketing and Chinese “best price”, MarketWatch bought by Murdoch
0:24:48Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine and Hurricane Katrina; oil at $128, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac bailout; elimination of double jeopardy in Europe because of DNA advances, ACC: “another step toward fascism”, need better term to avoid sounding like crackpot
0:37:00UFOs on Larry King Live, UK police helicopter chases UFO, Disclosure Project on YouTube, JCD theory: The X Files movie promotion; Viacom vs YouTube, looking for proof of Google’s awareness of illegal content, ACC on copyright as excuse to turn ISPs into police
0:45:52Taking suggestions on NWO “fascism” alternative; ACC asked to host Ron Paul Rally for the Republic for the “reptilian hunters and tinfoil hat wearers” aka “our core base”, JCD recommends Minneapolis museums, ACC story: meeting Prince at party in Minneapolis shooting Sam Goody ad; product ideas: “Aluminium Hat Company”, inside-cap Faraday cage, JCD’s wallet, RFID “Geiger counter”; RFID temperature warning pill for Dutch walking marathon
1:03:25Europe takes Obama win as given; talked out of Brandenberg Gate speech; FISA flip-flop, JCD: campaign finance reform impossible; JCD: “you’re a crackpot half the time!”; ACC story: Dutch finance bureaucrat on accounting systems for Afghanistan loans
1:13:24JCD on “big box” term, modern strip malls requiring year’s rent in advance to keep the little guys out, ACC on “real food” in France, salmonella outbreak no longer blamed on tomatoes; JCD on 1989 Chilean grape scare, Codex Alimentarius vs heirloom tomatoes
1:22:45JCD on Gemco and White Front store run by ex-mobster in witness protection; JCD suggests “Fascism Today” title