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399 Hip-Check China (2012-04-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “We are happy No Agenda slaves.” (1:49:50)
0:00:36ACC looking to rain capture system and alternative energy sources
0:02:27British Columbia citizens all-in on carbon tax, “we promised you green, and today we delivered green”, gasoline producing five times its mass in CO2, Green Party “tax shifting” creative math; White House “Apps for Energy” challenge with elusive Grid 21 front organization
0:15:16Olympia “tiny house movement” proponent’s 84-square-foot hut with a composting toilet
0:20:35Trayvon Martin shooting as part of possible anti-Hispanic media push; Eric Holder at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network extortion racket: FBI and DoJ involved in investigation into “potential federal civil rights crime”, ACC predicts acquittal shitstorm in time for Democratic or Republican National Convention, JCD: “go send some guns to Mexico!”
0:32:25Jon Stewart interviewing Tim Weiner without reading his new FBI book Enemies
0:36:08Producer Segment
0:50:4060 Minutes EU doom and gloom tanks the markets, “we have gorged on debt!”, Christine Lagarde: “there’s still medicine to be taken” by the Greek slaves, program sponsored by Goldman Sachs; local news ads for lottery and bail bondsman; news anchor pelted with eggs and yogurt on live TV; reopening “hospitality centers” in time for general election; Swedish toilet paper shortage; UK jacking up price of gas by 27%; Spain limiting cash transactions to €2,500 to fight “tax fraud”; Dutch VVD party distracting Parliament of inviting Clooney and Prendergast to speak about Sudan; British “businessman” Neil Heywood murdered in China linked to Prendergast; Malawi’s new President Joyce Banda formerly of World Bank
1:07:30ACC’s self-updating copy of Monsanto Look Closer at Biotechnology workbook
1:10:56Nothing to See Here: FBI seeking Osama bin Laden’s most wanted list replacement Eric Justin Toth on child pornography charges, JCD on I-80 LED billboard; Sen. Chuck Grassley to Anderson Pooper on Pentagon ignoring 1,700 names on list of child pornography suspects
1:20:24C-SPAN the only outlet to acknowledge Ron Paul is still in race after Santorum quits; local news segment: “there’s a lot of race left!”; ACC recommends Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America, “why have a civilization any more if we no longer are interested in being civilized?”
1:30:40Hollywood Whackers: ACC predicts Madonna’s plane shot down by al-Shabaab in Malawi
1:33:2312 droned in Yemen after pipeline attack; CNN douchebag Nic Robertson to Wolf Blitzer: bin Laden’s widows “more intent on praying than paying attention to their children”; Lucifer Clinton gushes over The Lady film
1:42:42IRS head fields “great question” questions about “documented undocumented” aliens
1:44:57Donation Segment: ACC test drives his new slide whistle; kale chips “lawn clippings”
2:03:48Ask Adam: New York Times making passing mention of Syria; violence spilling over border into Turkey, NATO Rule 5 invoked by “Three Stooges” Anderson Pooper, John McCain, and Joe Lieberman, “slaughtered!” meme, “wonderful and brave people who share our values”
2:18:58EU considering extending rights to citizens of Turkey and beyond; NPR on anti-LGBT activity in Liberia, JCD: “it’s a hip check on China”
2:23:27The McLaughlin Group on Guatemalan proposal for drug legalization and compensation for drugs seized in US, Pat Buchanan name-drops Milton Friedman and Chairman Mao; UC Davis pepper-spraying incident deemed excessive force, officers on “paid administrative leave”
2:29:42USGS concludes fracking causes earthquakes; “84% chance” of Seattle 6.5 in the next 50 years
2:32:15WSJ video on proposed cell phone registry; UMA User-Managed Access bonanza for AT&T