Call Clooney!

398 Zombie Gun (2012-04-08)

Show 398 album art
0:00:00JCD: “She’s got the right look and feel.” (2:28:06)
0:00:34ACC’s egg tree for Easter, anti-gnat DynaTrap “catch and release” system
0:04:57Erin Burnett: “all right, this is… messed up!” and melodramatic sigh for “zombie gun” and US military’s Active Denial System “pain ray”; ACC’s “piece of crap” Ruger Zombie Slayer
0:11:18NBC caught editing George Zimmerman 911 call to make him sound like a racist; ABC on Tulsa shootings: “is someone hunting black people?”; Obama introduces “50th anniversary” of To Kill a Mockingbird 49 years after its release; Yoshi Blue Diamond Ware skillet ad
0:20:31Producer Segment: JCD requests oddball musical instruments
0:29:14JCD’s economic hit man’s Malawi warning and President Bingu wa Mutharika’s heart attack
0:34:07Deepak Chopra: “we kind of bamboozled the country into spending money that they hadn’t earned, to buy things that they didn’t need, to impress people that they didn’t like”
0:36:03Lucifer Clinton’s International Crisis Group speech with Wolf Blitzer and Wes Clark; producer note on pronunciations “Ear-ran” and “Ear-raq”; Prof. Colin Kahl on “123 Agreement” with UAE preventing domestic uranium enrichment; Bahrain visit by Dutch Queen Beatrix
0:46:36Douchebag mayor mandates door-to-door searches during Queen’s Day royal visit to Rhenen
0:55:14China buying access to resources by building stadiums in the Caribbean
0:56:29No Agenda Pipeline Fever: UK companies moving in on Burmese gold deposits
1:00:26S.1813 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act “and for other purposes” including passport revocation over tax debt, sponsored by “the dipshit from California” Barbara Boxer, ACC story: armed IRS goons at Mevio, JCD story: IRS looking for John Dvorak in Kansas
1:11:21John Stossel “on the warpath” over college tuition up 750% in 30 years
1:15:29DSM-5 alcoholism test: “you look forward to drinking”; US military encouraged to keep soldiers doped up in war zones; FDA approves Eli Lilly sketchy Amyvid dye test for Alzheimer’s
1:22:56Joe Lieberman’s S.2105 Cybersecurity Act of 2012 with DHS running the show, National Cybersecurity Competition and Challenge, “more secure versions” of protocols like DNS
1:32:53Donation Segment: Curry-Dvorak Legislation Analysis Group
1:54:2212-year-old girl explains to auditorium of adults how the banks and government “have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada”; Obama’s “redemption at God’s hand” Easter address; PSA with text messaging white guy plowing into black family
2:00:05Author Marianne Williamson blathers about “the immense power of forgiveness”, JCD: “I don’t wanna hear about it on this show or on PBS!” (JCDPPotD)
2:03:41BiodiversitĂ©e: The Guardian declares climate change “a moral issue on par with slavery”, James Hansen to call for global carbon tax; “world without birds” PSA; ACC recommends post-apocalypse film The Road; bogus link between colony collapse disorder and HFCS
2:14:03Local news idiots giggle about piglet-dog buddy story; new Stars Earn Stripes reality show; Free Speech TV interstitial blames US militarization on global warming
2:18:16Egan-Jones downgrades US debt to AA; Brian Sack resigning from Yew York Fed
2:22:27The Euro: Greek pensioner kills himself in front of Parliament; Christine Lagarde to appear on 60 Minutes; potential replacements for Lucifer as Secretary of State including Wendy Sherman
2:28:24Sky News admits reporters guilty of hacking and illegal weapons; Fox News blackmail theory
2:31:01Heroin 25% cheaper than prescription drugs; Russian airfields hosting NATO “nonlethal cargo”
2:35:28Obama shoveling hundreds of millions more into completely ineffective Head Start programs
2:38:01Outro: CNN Iran bombing pros and cons debate for end of show