Call Clooney!

397 Wiggin’ Out (2012-04-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s a simple fact, that’s the way a government can control the population.” (2:53:37)
0:00:34Slide whistle for JCD’s 60th birthday
0:02:39GSA head Martha Johnson resigns over extravagant spending on Las Vegas conference
0:07:25Hollywood Whackers: Dr. Drew takes issue with Whitney Houston autopsy with “accidental drowning” face-down in a foot of water, ACC: “she was killed!”
0:10:11Producer Segment: Batman “citizen” clips; The Wine Down podcast “in the morning”
0:30:28Obama’s absurd lies about “unprecedented” prospect of Supreme Court overturning “a law that was passed by a strong majority”; ill-advised “unelected group of people”; more lies from Carney, “it was clear to most folks who observe this and understand”; half-dead Bill Clinton: “I believe George Washington signed a bill to require able-bodied male citizens to have a rifle in their home, so if those facts are right, what is this case about, anyway?” (CotD)
0:39:18February 9 “largest joint federal-state settlement” vs banks selling tainted mortgages to Fannie & Freddie; Matt Lee laughs at State Department spokeshole trying to explain Rewards for Justice offer of $10M for information on Hafiz Muhammad Saeed under pressure from India
0:52:42Arizona House Bill 2549 “annoy or offend” revisions for electronic communication
0:59:23US planning nuclear-powered drones, Boeing developing hydrogen-powered drones; Reaper drone crashes in Seychelles; ACC: “where can I get one?”
1:08:25Philadelphia TSA nab man with M-80 firecrackers and flash powder
1:10:10DSM-5’s role in pushing drugs “that will make you wig out”; producer note on late-talking child with “Einstein syndrome”; Trifexis heartworm drug ad with dog in a series of tubes, “vomiting, itching, and lethargy”; tuberculosis case in Lorain County Ohio high school
1:19:39BART “introducing, or campaigning” new vinyl seats to its passengers
1:23:42Kony 2012 Part II: Beyond Famous with 302 views, Alex Jones “pro-war activism!” cameo; Donald Trump overturns disqualification of transgender Jenna Talackova for Miss Universe
1:29:32H.R.3523 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act; British ISPs spying on customers
1:34:56Donation Segment: ACC’s new slide whistle and clouds of gnats
2:03:14Pentagon video with proposal for FunVax fundamentalism vaccine affecting VMAT2 gene using “respiratory viruses such as flu or rhinoviruses”, JCD declares it an April Fools’ joke
2:11:00Naval drill with Israel and Greece including simulated attack on offshore gas assets; al-Qaeda gains ground in Mali; India offering to build pipeline from Sudan to Kenya or Djibouti
2:13:17Iran suggests meeting with “High Priestess” Catherine Ashton in Damascus; “unverified footage” of fighting in Homs Syria, “UN Peacekeeping Department” headed to Damascus, Susan Rice scolds “shamefully and woefully divided” Security Council; Lucifer Clinton speaks to NATO ACT Allied Command Transformation “New World Order Army”; Schriever Wargame space warfare exercise and recent Vandenberg AFB launch; Putin all-in on “zombie gun”
2:30:12Last surviving Enola Gay crew member gripes about high schoolers’ “World War 11”
2:32:07C-SPAN student First Amendment documentary boils subject down to cigarette packaging
2:37:49Ron Paul on his “wild ideas” like the Constitution; John McCain endorses “President Obama … excuse me, President Romney” (CotD)
2:40:30Financial Times links pollution and hurricanes; JCD “Mailchimp” compilation
2:43:14Helium-voiced The End of Money author David Wolman: “cash is actually the enemy of the poor” according to the Gates Foundation; ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus all-in on cashless Sweden
2:54:14Call for loan of Hot Pockets 2009 Tour trailer; Ted Kennedy yells his support for Obama