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396 200 Hundred Million Ninjas (2012-04-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Maestro John C. Dvorak, slide whistle!” (1:53:12)
0:00:34ACC’s grandfather Renwick Curry’s April Fools’ Day tradition of eating fried eggs with pliers
0:03:22General strike protestors tangle with police in Spain; “no plane has ever landed” at €150M Castellón-Costa Azahar Airport; outraged Italian pharmacists cutting off Viagra supply
0:10:13Douchebag Spike Lee tweets address of elderly couple mistaken for George Zimmerman; ACC irked at saying “just sayin’”; Joe O’Biden lies “the bulk of the people who are shot with a weapon … end up being shot with their own weapon”, ACC’s new .380 Ruger Zombie Slayer
0:18:18Obama’s Rose Garden speech griping about “billions a year in taxpayer subsidies” for big oil companies from Congress, completely wrong “the only time you start seeing lower gas prices is when the economy is doing badly”; S.2204 Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act with Title II “close big oil tax loopholes”, ACC tracks down 9% “production credit” in §199(c) of the Internal Revenue Code applicable to various domestically produced goods
0:33:21Obama’s YouTube address pushing S.2059 Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012, ACC’s mother’s “life’s not fair”, “folks like myself or Warren Buffett or Bill Gates”, 30% high-income tax bracket in exchange for elimination of alternative minimum tax on middle class
0:44:25Ben Bernanke: debt-to-GDP ratio “begins to explode” in coming decades, Timmy Geithner’s “fiscal cliff” on January 1 2013; Obama lies “in America our story has never been about what we can do by ourselves”, JCD: “what country is this guy from, Kenya??”
0:54:46Producer Segment: JCD massages creative edits to Ken Sunshine’s Wikipedia page
1:12:20Person of Interest “the machine needed more information” from social media
1:15:21Rep. Mike Rogers: “we will suffer a catastrophic cyberattack, the clock is ticking”; retiring FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry: al-Qaeda aiming to “disrupt or harm the viability of our way of life” through cyberattacks, FBI agents working with Dutch police
1:20:30RAND Corporation Vivek Kundra clone argues against antagonizing Iran; Georgetown Professor Matthew Kroenig: “I am an advocate of a US strike”; New York Times meme that intelligence agencies are “gun shy” because of Iraq; CFR shill Kroenig predicts Iran-Israel war
1:29:08Benjamin Fulford with United World Karate Association’s colorful character Chōdōin Daikaku who “can summon up an army of 200 million people worldwide”, ACC: “that’s 200 million ninjas, John!”, bushidō and Vladimir Putin; America’s Next Top Model “I feel terrible!” iso
1:35:40Hillary Clippity-Clop jingle; State Department’s Christine Lagarde clone Wendy Sherman enthuses about plans “for Africa, for the United States, and for the global community”, “peaceful transfer of democratic power” in Senegal, “setback” of junta in Mali, ECOWAS
1:43:45Alex Crawford spins fantastical tale for BBC about Libyan rebel who “walked out of smoke” wearing Gaddafi’s hat, “unbelievably, he spoke perfect English!” with prepared speech
1:49:03Australian report on further discrepancies in official story of Kandahar massacre
1:51:19Donation Segment: ACC’s “Cox DP 2 Male” audition
2:04:12CDC: 1 in 88 children has autism but it’s not because of vaccines, DSM-5 reclassification to re-patent off-label drugs; Sanjay Gupta: “diagnosing children early is critical”, JCD on Flynn effect and characteristics of witches; Amgen’s 53 irreproducible cancer studies
2:29:39University of Oregon Prof. Kari Norgaard: climate deniers need to be “treated”
2:31:42Bill Clinton: “how can women like me, who wanna help women in Haiti and other places across the world, actually do that?” (CotD), goal to “get ‘em to go home and infect others”
2:33:03Sen. Saxby Chambliss to Morning Joe: C-SPAN responsible for increase in partisanship