Call Clooney!

395 Multi Modal Mutt (2012-03-29)

Show 395 album art
0:00:00JCD: “We rock!” (2:12:59)
0:00:30In The Morning! rimshot reinstated; ACC up late glued to C-SPAN
0:03:32Bill Maher to Dr. Drew on Trayvon Martin shooting: “of course!” it is about racism, “white kid shot by a white guy” meme; Brooke Baldwin goes off script by asking Rep. Corrine Brown about murdered white girl she was so concerned over: “I don’t remember her name”; mush-mouthed Rep. Bobby Rush escorted out for wearing hoodie in protest of racist “hootlums”
0:16:19Supreme Court hearing on ACA individual mandate “a train wreck”, Stephen Breyer to lawyer Donald Varrilli: “why do you keep saying, tax?”; Dutch doctors working three days per week
0:26:35Ron Paul reminds Piers Moron “we fought the British because the British came over here and arrested our American citizens”; ACC’s Hyundai read vs surfer dude Toyota ad
0:32:59Producer Segment
0:44:27Polish President Lech Kaczyński’s twin brother Jaroslaw calls Smolensk disaster an assassination, three of 96 bodies exhumed, autopsy discrepancies; distraction of captain’s mental breakdown on JetBlue 191, Ms. Micky’s Chantix theory; ACC irked by taco drone meme
0:52:23NBC News rolls out Tom Brokaw for “Hiring Our Heroes” PR stunt
0:58:49Rep. John Mica compares TSA infrastructure unfavorably to “high school class project”, “we’re not aware of any terrorists transiting a checkpoint where BDOs were actively working”, Rep. Steve Cohen asks “whah” he had to remove his watch; Sen. Marsha Blackburn nails stooge Christopher McLaughlin with evidence of unauthorized VIPR truck searches during 2011 exercise, “the canine team that I believe that I see up there … appears to be a multi-modal dog that is trained in that mode of transportation”; Ms. Micky’s run-in with lying drug dog
1:12:42House of Representatives wastes time voting amendment down 414-0; Joe O’Biden: “thank you Dr. Pepper, and thank you chancellor, er, Dr. Paper”; Obama at 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul: terrorists would “gladly” use any nuclear materials they find lying around
1:21:58Ben Bernanke to smarmy and possibly drunk Diane Sawyer: “I’m very proud of my nerd-dom”
1:24:27Producer note on UK Info-Crime Summit presentation by Pfizer shill identifying Iran as producer of $3bn worth of counterfeit Viagra; Kony 2012 given 30M mobile views by YouTube bot; celebrity lawyer Ken Sunshine, ACC: “he may be a grey”
1:36:30Donation Segment: Ms. Micky all-in on Hey Citizen Library made of shipping containers
2:02:14Yogi Akal reading for “Adam and Micky”: “by God there could be some nasty words”, “Micky: you’re six-y”, numerology “very similar to Al Gore”; JCD 6/6/2006 horse racing story
2:08:14Producer note on his buddy’s humanitarian deployment in Djibouti; new AFRICOM commander Carter Hamm visits Chinese stronghold of Angola, Hamm’s previous role in Libya debacle, Mozambique a £250bn natural gas bonanza
2:13:14Lucifer Clinton welcomes nameless Estonian Foreign Minister and announces “community of democracies” project to “strengthen democratic institutions” via LEND Leaders Engaged in New Democracies; ACC recommends Maphead by Ken Jennings
2:18:18McCain “whereas”-filled resolution condemns Assad government; Friends of Syria rebranded; BBC on “shocking developments” in abuse of children by Syrian government
2:23:22NYT pushing Skittles for Trayvon; “weather is not climate” except when it is; Netherlands following Agenda 21 0.7% GDP; North American defense ministers “drinking club”
2:30:39Castle GPS phone map from DHS; The Millionaire Matchmaker: “vaginas don’t talk!” (CotD)
2:34:05Wolf Blitzer frets about nuclear terrorism in New York; full “clippity clop” for end of show