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392 Shark Orgy (2012-03-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Take a picture of the chicken and send it to Fresno State.” (2:33:41)
0:00:35Kids absconding with JCD’s Saturday Times; Reddit outrage over “Chiners”
0:02:39Kony 2012 producer Jason Russell “detained” after running around naked and screaming; Illuminati shill Rihanna to Access Hollywood: “I wanna get my hands really dirty” by visiting Uganda to save the children; George Clooney and John Prendergast touch on bogus viewership of 150M and change the subject to Darfour; MSNBC promotes Meet the Press appearance during live coverage of “photo op” with handcuffed Russell; Clooney huddling with Valerie Jarrett at state dinner for David Cameron; media adopts “5150” from California law
0:24:52Producer Segment
0:29:06Obama’s sneaky Friday release of Executive Order 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness for federal takeover of food, energy, transportation, and slave labor; David Petraeus enthuses about IoT spying opportunities at In-Q-Tel CEO Summit; ACC: Microsoft Kinect “instant divorce”; T-Mobile joins CMAS Commercial Mobile Alert System
0:44:04David Ignatius to Candy Crowley on Osama bin Laden documents lamenting Muslim collateral damage, “al-Qaeda should change its name and rebrand itself”, benefits “more generous than the vacation policy at CNN”, scheme to shoot down Obama’s plane and install inept Joe Biden, “he spent an awful lot of time watching television”, ACC: “today I watched Candy Crowley, boy that bitch is fat”, one-year anniversary of bin Laden raid, “these documents do show that Obama continued presumably ‘til the day he died” (CotD)
0:59:42Pat Buchanan needs a nudge to read “Netanyahu” on McLaughlin Group teleprompter; Israeli Security Cabinet votes 8-6 for attack on Iran; New York Times: US intelligence agencies worried about Iranian nuclear program because of “intercepts”
1:03:53ACC: George Clooney film The Ides of March a “piece of crap”; Obama administration threatening sanctions on India over Iranian oil; SWIFT money transfer system cuts off Tehran
1:10:58Erin Burnett: “global warming appears to be in full effect”, early cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. and “shark orgy” in Dubai; 279-page document by IUCN Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development, Article 33 population control
1:38:37Donation Segment
1:51:48Trains Good Planes Bad: Ray LaHood asserts “America is one big pothole right now” arguing for California high-speed rail project deemed “an immense financial risk” to mitigate nonexistent interstate traffic jams; Obama “no takin’ off your shoes!” revisited
2:01:56Follow the Pipes: State Department’s Derek Mitchell on funding for Kachin IDPs internally displaced persons in Burma, no mention of Shwe Gas Pipeline project; bombings at “security building” in Aleppo Syria; Dick Durbin: goal in the Middle East “to stop the march of these dictators”; Syrian rebel answers “yes” to every weapon on offer; Wes Clark Seven revisited
2:09:49Amnesty International shilling for Syria after appointment of former Hillary minion Suzanne Nossel; “Kenyan” fighter jets attack the Chiners al-Shabaab in Kismayo Somalia; Center for American Progress Action Fund all-female “experts” panel
2:15:49Sen. Jay Rockefeller compares cybersecurity to 9/11; UK “sobriety tags” for minor offenders
2:23:5315-20 US soldiers implicated in Kandahar massacre; NPR “nothing to see here” on attempted assassination of Leon Panetta; Joe Scarborough: Robert Bales’ wife “a widow”; US troops using iPads to help Afghan farmers “diagnose … a chicken that doesn’t look quite right”
2:34:53Wyden-Udall letter to Eric Holder compares Justice Department to 1980s KGB