Call Clooney!

390 Threshold Event (2012-03-11)

Show 390 album art
0:00:00ACC: “John, how come you’re not wearing your hazmat suit?” JCD: “I’m dead!” (2:14:57)
0:00:35“Nonstop rain” just in time for SxSW, ACC: “I wanted a sticker that says I live here, leave me alone”, douchebags “blending in” with their cowboy boots, “it’s a scam!” heckling SecondMarket F-bomb dropper, artist “Johnny Feelgood” at Russian party
0:09:08JCD’s Windows XP machine oblivious to latest Daylight Saving Time changes
0:11:24CNN breathlessly tracking Kony 2012 virality, “horse face” Barbara Starr blabs about “broader US military strategy at work in Africa”; Ugandan blogger calls out Facebook profile picture changers; JCD’s economic hit man on Chinese drilling for oil in Malawi, ACC on CIA presence in Uganda and Sudan, Lucifer Clinton vs Chinese pipeline plans in Myanmar; Angelina Jolie: Joseph Kony “an extraordinarily horrible human being”; South African TV spot played during rugby match: “a New World Order is on the rise, 129 years in the making”
0:30:45Producer Segment: Mayan Apocalypse challenge coin
0:42:30Texas law requiring women be probed with pre-abortion ultrasound; Apple opening up call center in Austin, ACC recommends South Park episode “HumancentiPad”
0:46:10Becky becomes a sniper on Doomsday Preppers for the event of a “government takeover”; Southern Policy Law Center’s Heidi Beirich to Brooke Baldwin on the danger posed by “patriot groups” who are up in arms over a black man in the White House, with “racial” theories about his citizenship and religion; Star Trek “nonbelligerency confirmed”
0:56:51Ghost Adventures surfer dudes freak out on USS Hornet, JCD: “I’m outta here!”, “we have a power grid across the street which I think feeds a lot of the activity”
1:00:04H.Con.Res.107 threatens impeachment for usurpation of “Congress’s exclusive power to declare war”; ACC recommends Clint Eastwood’s buried J. Edgar film; video of FBI director Robert Mueller dodging question about droning US citizens MIA from C-SPAN
1:07:56Rumors of Obama talking Netanyahu out of attacking Iran, Israel keeping quiet about Syria; State Department spokeshole Victoria Nuland’s poorly-thought-out “mafia-like crime family” talking points, Matt Lee: “who’s The Godfather?”; US and Turkey running exercise Anatolian Falcon to practice SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses; Syrian Transitional Council’s Burhan Ghalioun a professor in Paris, JCD predicts Assad gunned down an a wine cellar
1:23:23Ehud Barak enthusing about “Iron Dome” missile defense and “Magic Wand”
1:27:57Moody’s declares Greece in default; bizarre EU Kill Bill ad; Germany pushing EU constitution
1:34:32Rep. Doris “idiot” Matsui blathers about cybersecurity; H.R.3523 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act; Rep. Marsha Blackburn distraught over recent attacks by Anonymous; Sen. Susan Collins terrified by simulated power grid attack; ACC’s Linux “prepper” setup
1:45:03Donation Segment: ACC story: blue foot chicken from French vendor at farmer’s market
2:06:02KQED soliciting donations of entire estates in return for life lease and a tote bag
2:10:13Washington applies DUI laws to “huffing” and mandates interlock surveillance cameras
2:13:52CNN sends disposable reporter in hazmat suit into Fukushima reactor
2:17:21Oxford study finds beta blocker propranolol reduces unconscious racial bias; Wakefield coauthor John Walker-Smith wins UK fitness to practice appeal
2:27:28University of North Carolina CIO Larry Conrad on anti-piracy “hall pass” program; poorly-named Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008; Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff whines about online “misinformation” campaign killing SOPA & PIPA for “struggling artists”; ACC on the end of Illuminati music distribution cabal; Chris Dodd on piracy for end of show