Call Clooney!

38 Down the Rabbit Hole (2008-07-07)

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0:00:16JCD’s “outbreak of hornets”, Independence Day in Port Angeles, legal fireworks sold by Native Americans at giant stands, ACC on Dutch New Year’s Eve fireworks
0:03:52JCD publishing recessions book “any minute”, predicts post-election boom; oil price cycle; ECB rate and VAT hikes, Iran promises cheap oil flood, $400M for Bush covert Iran operations
0:12:06JCD on graffiti-covered Sea-Tac Airport trains, TSA “expert traveler” lines, Diamond Self-Select Lanes, inspecting driver’s licenses with a loupe
0:19:50BBC Conspiracy Files to investigate WTC Tower Seven collapse
0:21:43ACC retracts “lackeys” statement on JCD’s bloggers; Kent Couch cluster balloon flight; articles about dangers of soy taken down, identically-worded Q&As; Codex Alimentarius, supplement bans & limits, Linus Pauling; Monsanto pig patent, JCD recommends Soylent Green
0:32:15British schoolboys disciplined for refusing to participate in Muslim prayer, photographer Heathcliff O’Malley, CVC’s friend “Blue”; The Guardian on secret World Bank report on biofuels’ impact on food prices; Chinese oil demand way up
0:41:30Listener feedback on Monsanto lawsuits, GMO wheat with built-in pesticide, licensing deal, Monsanto black helicopters and gatling guns, Cassius Clay’s cannon, ACC: “take the red pill, man, down the rabbit hole”; murder of Randy Weaver’s wife at Ruby Ridge; Lisbon Treaty incarceration of children, felony charge for Ebay vote-seller Max Sanders
0:51:34Obama eschews public funds to raise big donations, flip-flopping on FISA
0:54:47Shell president: oil should be $80, JCD on nonexistent commute; ACC on Lindsey Williams’ The Energy Non-Crisis video on vast oil reserves under Alaska’s North Slope