Call Clooney!

389 Camels Everywhere! (2012-03-08)

Show 389 album art
0:00:00ACC: (Maniacal laughter) JCD: “Jeez.” (2:22:20)
0:00:35Molly Wood staying at ACC’s place, San Francisco douchebags arriving for SxSW
0:04:03Producers detecting aroma of bullcrap around “Phony Kony” 2012 viral video, Show 348 coverage of 100 US troops sent to Uganda revisited, major oil discovery, video voiceover: “that’s where the American advisors come in”; Bill Clinton’s buddy President Museveni’s penchant for throwing rebels in concentration camps; George Clooney: “I’d like indicted war criminals to enjoy the same level of celebrity as me”, child-abusing filmmaker Jason Russell, Invisible Children money from Humanity United Foundation and Oprah, film company run by Kristen Bell’s boyfriend Jedidiah Jenkins; “Policymakers” section
0:23:19George Stephanopoulos’ bizarre question about contraception for Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke “slut” distraction; porn industry considering relocating from California to Arizona to avoid condom regulation, porn star Amy Brooke: “a construction worker has to wear a hard hat, okay, but this building he’s building is still gonna look the same when it’s done, okay?”; Obama’s $35k fundraising dinner hosted by Pfizer lobbyist Sally Susman
0:34:03Producer Segment: ACC eyeing property in Round Rock; iDrone app fake ad
0:48:08Eric Holder speaks at Northwestern University about droning Americans “under international law”, due process vs “judicial process” gimmick; Dempsey and Panetta compare Syria and Libya to skeptical Sen. Jeff Sessions, madman McCain calls for air strikes, Panetta: “we would come to the Congress and inform you” after securing “international permission”
1:06:04“Danny from Syria” busted staging videos for CNN, in studio with Anderson Pooper: “this is all private!”; Chinese drop $17bn worth of projects and bugger off; Dempsey and Panetta unable to confirm deals with Rosoboronexport for Syrian combat jets and Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan; JCD story: flying on Aeroflot Ilyushin plane with tube radio and hot Russian flight attendants and recycled plastic cups; Law of the Sea Treaty and squabbling over Leviathan field, Noble Energy lobbyist Bill Clinton; Take a Look at the Map jingle
1:27:08“Horrible mom” Michelle Obama to Jay Leno: Sasha and Malia having a “normal life” at White House with one hour of screen time, ACC: “hey dad, how come you’re an A-hole?
1:30:50Open letter to Obama from former intelligence officers against war with Iran
1:33:31Donation Segment: ACC’s creepy Dave Matthews story; JCD’s “spectacular” chicken recipe
1:48:39Rep. Eric Cantor to Meet the Press: Republican race “a very hard fart primary”; Ron Paul victory in Virginia, JCD theory: GOP throwing election to avoid getting blamed for economic collapse; NewsHour on shutdown of blog with photos of Romney family at home with “yellow tumbler cups”, JCD: “they don’t want him to win!”, JCD Red Book: no October war, ACC: “Romney in a Zorro costume” to ensure defeat; Ron Paul super PAC based in Salt Lake City
2:00:06ACC Red Book: CNN claims U6 unemployment numbers are up because of optimism
2:01:14AT&T shill Edward Amoroso to Rep. Doris Matsui: the stupid slaves should have cloud appliances instead of computers, Sen. Susan Collins: “3 billion cyberattacks” in 2010 (CotD)
2:09:14Lucifer Clinton promoting “North American Union” passport cards
2:12:20Chinese Interviews Before Execution reality show with “Miss Ding”; Smash gay-fest
2:15:38Producer note on Benjamin Netanyahu on El Al flight 33; suicide feet on the shore
2:17:26Erin Burnett blathers about proud presidential tradition of “hanging with camels”
2:23:38Ray LaHood’s spook son released by Egypt after securing $3bn from IMF
2:25:53Pat Robertson all-in on pot legalization; Germany & Switzerland trying to repatriate gold