Call Clooney!

388 Apes on iPads (2012-03-04)

Show 388 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It could’ve been a guy from Silicon Valley but it looked like an orangutan.” (0:41:37)
0:00:31ACC’s “two-incher” Ampex videotape player
0:01:39“Six dollar gas is probably one well-placed hurricane and one tiny little bit of supply disruption away” revisited, US tornadoes and major Saudi oil pipeline explosion; ACC reading A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order by F. William Engdahl; Steven Chu all-in on higher gasoline prices
0:08:04Piers Morgan plays clip of Rick Santorum comparing race to Survivor; producers trying out Santorum “frothy mix” drink recipe, “why because” NLP and Micky Mouse Club
0:15:18Producer Segment: Producer Matt on C-SPAN to World Bank’s Uri Dadush
0:38:52Morning show iPad 3 promotion with orangutans learning to use Skype
0:42:39ACC watching Glee clone Smash, JCD: “what a piece of crap!”; NatGeo Doomsday Preppers Tinkerbell music for family “pandemic drill”
0:49:22No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: US government halts publication of H5N1 mutation research
0:51:35ACC’s prepper arsenal, Prepper Perverts
0:53:10Media keeping quiet about French military in Syria, Total S. A. in bed with Gazprom, “freelance photojournalist” Paul Conroy to Anderson Pooper: “there are no military targets within Baba Amr” lie, prompted by Pooper for “slaughter” meme; Conroy prompted by Sky News for “completely indiscriminate” meme, “once the cameras are gone, God knows what’s happening”
1:03:35“Global web movement” Avaaz CEO Ricken Patel on evacuating Conroy from Baba Amr, “media center” shelling aided by surveillance drone operated by Russia or Iran; Sunday Times photo of Conroy with Joss Stone; $7M in donations on Avaaz Form 990, $100k for ResPublica headed by globalist shill Ricken Patel; Shtokman natural gas field “mother lode” in Barents Sea; controversy over Russia’s willingness to pull out of Middle East
1:25:56North Korea to receive liquid natural gas from US via Japan; Red Book oil price predictions; No Agenda hedge fund and virtual war room with Andrew Horowitz
1:33:05New York Times art photos of “under-equipped” Free Syrian Army and tattered US flag
1:35:13Entertainment Tonight “celebrity dermatologist” embedded Boots No7 ad; Don Lemon on advertisers abandoning Rush Limbaugh over Sandra Fluke “slut” distraction
1:42:54Donation Segment: Knight Foundation $5M Tumblr grant challenge
2:03:25Ron Paul’s second place in Washington ignored, media discrediting unprofitable caucus system
2:05:02Lord James of Blackheath rumored to be dead; Andrew Napolitano on Timmy Geithner’s potential fraud with AIG bailout money handed over to Goldman Sachs, Shep Smith: “it’s clear that the banks run the country, the country doesn’t run itself — kidding!”, ACC: “pussy!”; out-of-context Obama “we are better when everybody’s left to fend for themselves”
2:13:07ACC on Dutch game show precursor to SpeechJammer “shut up slave gun”, JCD story: Silicon Spin with Leo Laporte in his ear; FBI “heart attack gun” testimony
2:18:53Haiku Herman and José Manuel Barroso chuckle at signing of European Fiscal Compact; Greece getting second half of bailout only after screwing its slaves, debt downgraded to C from Ca; migration;
2:22:01Sheriff Joe Arpaio discusses forgery of Obama’s selective service records
2:23:26Belgian eBirth accounts; EU engineer ID cards; “kids for cash” scandal in “Pedovania”
2:29:00TSA gropers reclassified “Transportation Security Officers”; Hawaii screener vs breast pump, JCD book recommendations; end-of-show song “premiere”