Call Clooney!

387 Bear Bile (2012-03-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “You need a very expensive blasting cap.” (1:00:24)
0:00:31JCD’s slide whistle stolen by David Letterman
0:01:41Andrew Breitbart dead of “natural causes” at 43 after announcing “I’ve got videos” at CPAC
0:06:24Follow the Pipes! jingle; Billy Crystal’s GOP candidate enumeration omits Ron Paul
0:09:51Lucifer Clinton sending North Korea energy bars in exchange for nuclear talks; Vladivostok Pipeline deal with Kim Jong-il; Uncle Don to NewsHour on plutonium vs uranium, casual mention of Bobby Ray Inman to ACC; Vladimir Zhirinovsky on secret weapon used on Fukushima
0:24:44North Korea allowing citizens to enter China if they bring back one ton of food; NPR on “nutritional assistance” energy bars as alternative to rice and beans; Laura “Ling Ling” revisited
0:33:34Producer Segment
0:41:24Stratfor e-mail leak, Manning and Assange possible Israeli spies; Facebook Advertising Conference Steve Jobs wannabe previews “the logout experience”, ACC: “this is gonna suck!”
0:50:54“Uh” ding-fest for Lucifer Clinton explaining why Iran has not yet decided to make a nuclear weapon, Pakistani officials too stupid to understand ammonium nitrate; Lucifer to BBC on terror groups “supporting… claiming to support” Syrian rebels, laughter for Yemen casualties
1:06:06Lucifer sending Bureau of Energy Resources “trade missions” to Africa to plan “development of the energy sector”; “flying monkey” Carlos Pascual outed by WikiLeaks; three pipeline explosions in Balochistan and anti-Iran “terrorist” group Jundallah, 18 pipeline workers killed on bus to Rawalpindi; Jay Carney: Bush neglected “the original war” in Afghanistan
1:19:31UN warns of Afghan “industrial scale” opium production; Obama requesting more money for Tadzhikistan to counter Iranian industrial city plans; Operation Flashpoint: Red River video game trailer; ACC theory: peak oil invented to inflate price; Greek $19bn ΔΕΠΑ selloff
1:30:21Donation Segment: New Zealand public TV told not to offend advertisers
1:49:50Ask John: appearance by Newt Gingrich in 1984 film Countdown to the Looking Glass
1:53:44Don Lemon and Soledad O’Brien on the ground for tornado reports
1:54:41Diane Sawyer on shooting at high school in Chardon Ohio “known for their serenity, and maple syrup”; Livermore school locked down for two hours after sighting of imaginary man with rifle; panic over “gonna” autocorrected to “gunman” in Gainesville Georgia
1:58:50And Now Back to Real News: frenetic Extra lead-in dropped; Michael Douglas insider trading PSA for FBI; Salinas ABC station KSBW running nothing but house ads
2:05:49Church sex abuse records shredded by Cardinal; Redwood City special education abuse
2:10:34No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: CDC study finds flu in bats just like in Contagion; IAC Immunization Action Coalition funded by CDC and the usual suspects; diet pill Qnexa maker’s stock doubles after FDA recommendation
2:15:53Chardon shooter’s “die, all of you” poem on Facebook; Fox “extra two inches” ad
2:18:24Animal rights campaign against bear bile farming in China
2:19:46Two Bibles found during demolition of bin Laden compound; remains of Shanksville and Pentagon 9/11 victims dumped in landfill by biomedical waste contractor
2:22:58Shadow Puppet Theater: 377 House staffers now registered as lobbyists
2:23:54LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja resigns; Abound Solar cutting 70% of staff
2:25:45Presidential Policy Directive for Eric Holder’s black bag authority; Holder bangs his fist while lying about Fast & Furious; snobby NYT ads; end-of-show Producer Maynard LGBT interview
2:32:38Haiku Herman calls for continuing work on “gross and jop” and “infusing” member states