Call Clooney!

386 Balochistan Baloney (2012-02-26)

Show 386 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Don’t spit on me bro, or I’ll drone ya!” (2:22:27)
0:00:33JCD’s “particularly good batch” of PG Tips; ACC playing with maps until 2:00
0:01:25Survivor fractal of former Republican candidates returning to spotlight
0:05:32“We’re Google’s product” meme in discussion of changes to privacy policy; Christopher Hahn flubs “of all the four, of all the three running” removing Ron Paul; John McLaughlin predicts Hillary Clinton as head of World Bank; Maryland AG Doug Gansler to Jeanine Pirro: “we don’t have a choice” but to allow Google to read our mail, ACC on arbitrage and click farms; JCD story: “dingbat” ad buyers on Forbes yacht; ACC sidestepping Google tracking
0:23:34Vivek Kundra and TechAmerica CLOUD2 Cloud First Buyer’s Guide shilling for Salesforce
0:27:16Producer Segment
0:38:51Timmy Geithner tries to explain spike in gas prices: “growth is gradually getting stronger”; ABC reveals “six dollar gas is probably one well-placed hurricane and one tiny little bit of supply disruption away”, shameless plug: Nissan Leaf “selling faster than they can be made”; ACC story: running out of gas in Lincoln Tunnel in 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
0:50:25Lucifer Clinton welcomes “a more stable and unified era” in Somalia, AMISOM African Union Mission to Somalia; Djibouti drone base useful for oil development by Anadarko Petroleum with former Air Force General Kevin P. Chilton on board; Clinton asked by uppity slave about “business as usual, another years of anarchy and chaos in Somalia”, Clinton all-in on “the right people being elected”, “AMISOM forces” engaged in attempt to “free Somalia from the grip of al-Shabaab”; drone crash in Mogadishu refugee camp and Navy SEALs lurking around
1:05:45Anadarko CEO James T. Hackett connected to Dallas Federal Reserve and Trilateral Commission; gas price “higher is gonna be better” on conference call; geocommons,com map of Bush-era drone strikes following pipeline; Lucifer and Obama scolding Syrian allies, Russia-backed in IPI Iran-Pakistan-India “Peace” Pipeline vs US-backed TAPI Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India “new Silk Road” running through Balochistan, Iraq-Iran-Syria gas deal; new H.Con.Res.104 for Balochistan self-determination
1:36:38Donation Segment: gasoline Antabuse warning; Utah swingers on the prowl
2:00:04Ask Adam: Mo Rocca to Bill Maher on men wearing “mangagement rings”, ACC wearing Ms. Micky’s mother’s wedding ring; douchebag Bill Maher announces $1M donation to Obama super PAC; “outrage!” over National Enquirer open casket Whitney Houston photo
2:06:32Two US officers killed at Kabul Interior Ministry; producer note connects Keystone Pipeline with Obama’s deal with Warren Buffett; Serbia-Kosovo deal overseen by Catherine Ashton and “enlargement commissioner” Stefan Fuele clears way for AMBO pipeline
2:15:13New York Times on US military using personality disorder diagnoses to get rid of troublemakers without paying them benefits; Times smearing Palestinian Khader Adnan on hunger strike as a terrorist; Bureau of Investigative Journalism draws US government’s ire speaking out against drone strikes on funerals; Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson: US citizen “belligerents” not protected by Constitution, reading of “belligerent” synonyms like “chippy”
2:23:58Lord James of Blackheath’s $15T theory being connected to recent flurry of banker resignations
2:29:36Dr. Drew Pinsky on antibiotics for Le Roy tics; JCD’s linguiƧa quest
2:32:24The Euro: Germany sending 300 tax collectors to Greece; Federal Reserve stuffs $2T into ECB; Dutch economy expected to contract 0.9%; Irish President Michael Higgins speaks Gaelic
2:40:19Family Guy Star Wars; ACC’s Old Navy audition; John Stossel on police vs lemondade stands