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385 CIA vs DIA (2012-02-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “I will not use that word or ginormous.” (2:36:09)
0:00:36Israel to use drones to guard Leviathan field; ACC proposes Win Lose or Drone with shotguns; “attention Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea!” ad from Austin Volkswagen dealer
0:05:33Republican debate opening montage with The X Factor voiceover: “Rick Santorum, the late contender!”; Santorum’s “dangers of contraception” list of benefits; Romney ambushed by George Stephanopoulos at ABC debate at the behest of Obama; CNN zooms in on professional “Frothy Mix” sign; ACC’s e-mail exchange with Ron Paul advisor Doug Wead and Iran botch
0:17:51GOP candidates fail miserably in addressing Detroit bailouts; Gingrich “wrong question” evergreen for dopey John King; next debate March 19 on PBS; PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s donations to Paul super PAC; Obama the Antichrist meme perfect for deluded Santorum
0:26:29Producer Segment: Producer Maynard’s JCD interview, “I like Green Day
0:46:11Megyn Kelly on Obama’s 2005 $90k investment in LightSquared predecessor Skyterra, investor Philip Falcone, military pressured to tone down criticism of GPS interference; CEO Sanjiv Ahuja working on Democrat fundraising; FCC’s Julius Genachowski on “spectrum scarcity”
0:56:46Anti-marijuana Assistant US Attorney John Walsh dies while snowshoeing
0:59:59ACC gripes about “the chick with the eyepatch” Marie Colvin getting killed instead of Anderson Pooper; McCain & Lieberman all-in on “the wherewithal to fight back” for Syrian rebels; JCD “as Bob rightly says/Fran’s absolutely right” mash-up with Pooper and CIA shills Fran Townsend and Bob Baer; Gen. Martin Dempsey to Fareed Zakaria: “premature” to arm Syrian opposition; CIA vs DIA theory; Newt Gingrich: Iran “practicing” closing Strait of Hormuz
1:11:46Timmy Geithner threatens “you would kill this economy” with deficit reduction
1:15:27Moscow and Paris talking about competing gas pipeline, Israel-Cyprus cooperation; “The New US-British Oil Imperialism” article from 2002 by Norman D. Livergood
1:21:43CNN and Sanjay Gupta shilling for “cold turkey in a pill” naltrexone to treat alcoholism, “17% more effective than what else is out there”, new diet pill Qnexa “at the top of the hour”; Danny Bonaduce’s “thirteen months not drinking” due to Antabuse that “turns alcohol into formaldehyde!”; JCD reads warnings against going cold turkey with naltrexone
1:35:00JCD irked at Fox The Five idiot proposing a single gasoline blend for the entire US, “they have a hundred people that could say, hey, this is totally wrong!” (JCDPPotD)
1:44:03Donation Segment
1:59:41Lord James of Blackheath to House of Lords on $15T funneled to HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland; Wanta Fund to undermine ruble, profits stolen by Hillary Clinton; The Guardian article: Blackheath a “respected industrialist”, ACC: “Bill Clinton is the World Bank”
2:10:16“Belligerent passenger” on Continental flight tackled and arrested after he “lit an electronic cigarette”, passenger: “he was screaming Allah is great”; Homeland Security Today editor Mickey McCarter befuddled by C-SPAN callers with real underwear bomber story: “I’m not familiar with the story”, naked body scanners “under consideration” by Obama administration
2:25:59ACC’s movie rental nightmare with Time Warner Cable; Don Lemon giddy over female “ninja fighters” in Iran; British weather report predicts “bucketloads of cunt”
2:31:26Mass Pandemrix push in Norway; Jay Carney lies about Obama’s Keystone Pipeline support
2:34:54ACC Red Book: no Facebook IPO; ACC takes exception to “gazillions” in JCD column, editor’s gratuitous “natch”; Facebook photos of Massachusetts high school students found on porn site; €1,500 for ACC over Hot Pockets 2008 Tour photos from Twitter in Dutch magazine