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384 No Specific Plot (2012-02-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “I think somebody’s listening to our show.” (1:26:59)
0:00:33NYT: “Bonds Backed by Mortgages Regain Allure”; President’s Day “white sales” for bed linens; foot on the beach attributed to rapist dolphins, ACC “don’t pet his belly” story
0:05:15Yahoo News connects Le Roy twitching outbreak to Tanganyika laughter epidemic of 1962 and deadly dancing plague of 1518, “it’s also called crying wolf … if you really do get the flu, nobody believes you”; local news: “think about getting that flu shot” for late season
0:12:37Uproar over Dutch prince caught in avalanche; lying idiot Rick Santorum: the Dutch wear “do not euthanize me” bracelets because half of all cases are involuntary; Keith Olbermann bashes Ron Paul for voting against Congressional Medal of Honor for Charles Schulz
0:19:53Whitney Houston funeral outshines Grammys; Madonna on “holy of holies” Super Bowl; Chaka Khan to Piers Morgan on Clive Davis party with Houston’s corpse upstairs, “demonic” music industry; UK Death of a Diva promo followed by “she looks better in a body bag” ad
0:30:37Producer Segment
0:36:35Rep. Mary Bono Mack to “thrilled!” Nancy Grace clone Jane Velez-Mitchell: “it’s a great question” that was never asked, prescription drug abuse “also killing our kids”
0:41:39“Uh” ding-fest for Rep. Anna Eshoo stammering about emergency communications
0:44:08Rumors of Kamala Harris for Supreme Court, ACC: “she’s evil!”
0:45:16Clapper asserts Iran “more than capable” of producing nuclear weapon; Rep. Peter King to Erin “Burn-It”: “even though there’s no specific plot, the intelligence community believes that an attack could very well happen”, Iranian attack “the greatest threat we face”, plot against Saudi ambassador crossing “red line”, Hezbollah “major leagues of terrorism”
0:52:48FBI arrests Amine Mohamed El-Khalifi “set up” with fake suicide vest to bomb US Capitol, arrested after buying “potential bomb components like nails and glue”, illegal alien living in Northern Virginia, bogus story of test bomb at West Virginia quarry
1:02:35Gas at $8.99 per gallon in the Netherlands; Sarkozy Aegean Sea re-election poster; JCD’s CBC spot with blurry live-action Golden Gate Bridge; former Australian PM Kevin Rudd struggles with teleprompter: “is this the fucking Chinese interpreter up there… just fucking hopeless”
1:10:38ACC vows shotgun blasts for drones under “minimum safe altitude of flight” of 500 feet
1:16:47Mitt Romney contrasts himself with “Rick Perry… excuse me, Rick Santorum”; rumors of Jeb Bush if Romney can’t win Michigan; Candy Crowley pestering Ron Paul to give up
1:22:28Angelina Jolie’s new film about Balkans war and call for intervention in Syria
1:26:56“Worst piece of crap ever produced for children” Doodlebops “the clippity-clops?”
1:27:46Lucifer Clinton and “High Representative” Catherine Ashton on the move, possible two to the head for correspondent Anthony Shadid, Friends of Syria conference and Kosovo
1:32:45Leviathan! jingle; natural gas Solar Turbines, Turkey freaking out at Israel-Cyprus deal; CNN fearmongering over Vermont Yankee plant with “the same design as Fukushima”; CNN and Ted Turner tied to natural gas, TMI Three Mile Island and The China Syndrome
1:44:39Donation Segment: ITM check memo
2:02:37Person of Interest CIA drug dealer; Pfizer’s quiet six-month extension on Viagra patent; Purdue Pharma reformulating OxyContin, heroin addiction “vaccine”
2:14:00Critical Afghanistan report by Army whistleblower Daniel Davis
2:17:25Potential for Gazprom to buy Greek energy companies
2:19:42JCD’s reasons for avoiding Linux, Ms. Micky suggests Facebook status “dead”