Call Clooney!

383 Hot Rods (2012-02-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t know why these things are dry!” (2:25:35)
0:00:32Twitter’s quill pen “feather button”; ACC and JCD only communicating “ossice goffip”
0:03:29Producer Segment: Democracy Now confirms ACC’s pipeline theory
0:11:05Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy Awards tribute to Whitney Houston followed by Nicki Minaj Illuminati performance; Don Lemon on issue of Whitney Houston and “doctor shopping or pharmacy shopping”; off-script Erin Burnett with stooge Dr. Drew Pinsky: “benzodiazepine means Xanax!”, Pinsky “sick and tired” of such deaths; Lemon: “we’ve been in the news for information that hasn’t been quite accurate”, no DEA involvement; FDA warning about counterfeit Avastin; Sanjay Gupta for 60 Minutes on $75bn counterfeit drug business
0:21:09$180bn entertainment business vs $800bn from 122 drugs, SOPA lobbyists Pfizer and PhRMA; Dianne Feinstein’s S.2002 Online Pharmacy Safety Act; NewsHour on methotrexate shortage; “domiciled” in US provision, brand name “valid prescription”, federal prescription database
0:37:23Clueless Rick Santorum flails at answer for Piers Morgan on need for “more controlled regulation” to combat “epidemic” of celebrity drug deaths; Lemon: Houston toxicology expedited
0:44:45Outraged Lawrence O’Donnell: “the Mormon Church baptizes Jews against their will and without their knowledge after they are dead!”, Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler among the thousands baptized by proxy through their nonexistent descendants; douchebag O’Donnell offers Santorum “the easiest anti-Romney softballs that anybody’s ever thrown him” (CotD)
0:53:14Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine throws his support behind Santorum; Doug Wead to outraged journalist: “why should we dump three million dollars into television advertising to win a beauty contest?”; CPAC rigs straw poll for Romney by evicting the Occupy Wall Street riffraff not wearing ties; JCD’s tie collection with “fuck you” specimen, Mormons on Segways
1:04:15Gordon Chambers puts positive spin on Whitney Houston’s douchebaggery for NewsHour
1:07:30Black skies over Syria from pipeline explosion but “the government has a different story!”; sketchy journalist Arwa Damon’s connections to Istanbul and Beirut, activists “incredibly well organized”, al-Qaeda “security vacuum” meme; leaked Arab League journalist list, Muslim Brotherhood setting its sights on Tunisia; Benjamin Netanyahu’s first visit to Cyprus
1:18:10Greece “on fire” with second EU bailout on hold; John Ward’s The Slog blog predicting imminent default; Haiku Herman “welcomes” China’s interest in buying Europe; Nigel Farage: “what democracy?” with EU puppet PM Lucas Papademos; JCD’s F-bomb quota
1:28:39Donation Segment: Al Sharpton & James Brown on Soul Train in 1974; $69.69 streak begins
1:53:31Obama announces fictitious $26bn mortgage settlement with $2bn for shill Kamala Harris
2:01:41Martin Dempsey’s Valentine’s Day wish for Xi Jinping; CFR shill Erin Burnett introduces “Hot Rod Show and Tell” with Iranian fuel rods and yellowcake, “no one buys it, not even the watchdog IAEA” lie, fuzzy Google Earth map with entrance ramp, “massive ordnance penetrator” porn; Good Morning America prerecorded “good morning” report from Strait of Hormuz; ABC News working on graphics and rehearsing for Israeli attack
2:15:20Rep. Louise Slaughter on STOCK Act and Tom DeLay’s chief of staff; Canadian Safety Minister Vic Toews: surveillance critics “can either stand with us or with the child pornographers”
2:18:29White House facing Solyndra subpoenas; Gene Sperling all-in on “global minimum tax”; Cenk Uygur irked at liberals in support of drone strikes; ACC: Bill Clinton for World Bank president
2:25:44Wall Street Journal: doctors telling families who are against vaccines to get lost
2:26:27TSA agents running attractive women through naked body scanners multiple times