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381 Acquisition Malpractice (2012-02-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is this world coming to?” (2:26:07)
0:00:30Victory lap for ACC’s Super Bowl XLVI prediction, JCD’s fractal theory fail
0:05:13Obama to Matt Lauer: Israel has made no decision on “what they need to do” about Iran, “I may, y’know, call some executive privilege” to prevent his daughters from putting up Tom Brady posters, ACC: “why don’t you just drone ‘em, Obama?”, “one-term proposition” from interview three years ago in the same shirt, “we’re not finished!” meme, “old-fashioned” values of “getting a fair shot, everyone doing their fair share, everybody playing by the same rules”
0:13:53Clint Eastwood suckered into doing Super Bowl “Halftime in America” ad
0:17:21Democracy Now mourns 50-year anniversary of Cuba embargo without fanfare in Washington
0:20:32Producer Segment
0:33:23ACC spends three 18-hour days exploring Syria situation as example of pipeline theory, Japan depending on gas due to Fukushima shutdown, Arab Gas Pipeline to Homs Syria and on into Turkey, December 2010 discovery of Leviathan gas field with logical Israel-Cyprus-Greece path, Noble Energy’s Bush-Clinton connection, Lucifer championing Law of the Sea Treaty, Arab Spring kicked off three months after discovery; Greek “Minister of Gas” to Jerusalem Post on buying gas from Israel, Papademos talking to Netanyahu; privatization of Greek ports and ΔΕΠΑ Public Gas Corporation, ACC: “this is corporate warfare”
0:57:20Author Patrick Seale on role of Muslim Brotherhood in Syrian opposition and 1982 Hama massacre; Anderson Pooper video from bogus activist “Danny” griping “this child lost his brains”; Assad reminds Barbara Walters the UN has no “evidences” of atrocities, “who said that the United Nations is a credible institution?”, refuses to discuss Arab League agenda
1:12:51Zbigniew Brzezinski all-in on Western expansion into Turkey & Russia; JCD on Turkey as modern secular nation: Istanbul airport “just short of having goats in it”; Jay Carney: Syrian violence “clearly” resulting in hundreds of deaths, “fact!” of regime’s “brutal campaign to slaughter its own people”, dodges US special forces question from Russian reporter “Andrei”
1:24:54Seale: Saudi Arabia and Iran need to cooperate in spite of mutual antipathy; increasing incidence of explosions at gas pipelines between Iran and Turkey; rumors of Standard & Poor’s upgrading Greece; #NoGasNoCare, Fukushima earthquake after Leviathan discovery, watching Chinese Far East Energy Corporation
1:34:46Donation Segment: ACC’s cringe-inducing Old Navy ad
1:56:31Clooney handler Nicholas Kristof on “heroic” Syrians sneaking cell phone footage out of the country; Amy “gravel voice” Goodman on legislation for domestic drone use by police, “in other drone news” segue to Michael Hayden criticizing Obama’s drone program; FAA bill to require pilot license and fund NextGen system, “pilotless” as code for autonomous; Frank Kendall: putting F-35 joint strike fighter in production before test flights “acquisition malpractice”
2:07:40Rumors of Germany printing Deutsche marks; Margaret Warner on German companies’ slogan “we make the thing that goes inside the thing that goes inside the thing” (CotD)
2:11:49Cupertino High School goes into lockdown over Nerf gun
2:14:17New cholera vaccine Shanchol “while we’re waiting” for clean water in Haiti; dentists displaying HPV vaccine posters; Dr. Rosario Trifiletti blames Le Roy tics on PANS, competing theory blames social media, CBS shuts down coverage, ACC Red Book: “no video, no story”
2:24:08Democracy Now on deposed Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed signing Copenhagen climate accord for $50M (CotD); Federal Reserve announces plan to devalue dollar 33%