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37 Where’s The Beef? (2008-06-28)

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0:00:24Wildfire smoke in San Francisco; Skype lag making JCD sound thoughtful, ACC pushes ISDN
0:06:18Nelson Mandela 90th birthday event in Hyde Park, ACC on meeting Will Smith; Mandela removed from US no-fly list, Amy Winehouse headline; Zimbabwe election and hyperinflation, bricks of money; ACC’s three years in Uganda, piles of Super 8 footage and artifacts; JCD on Africa travel addicts; 60M new cell subscribers per month in Africa & India
0:20:47ACC burned out on Asia travel, all-in on Jamaica, Round Hill Hotel & Villas; JCD gripe: alleged lack of photos on ACC’s blog, Flickr investigation, Isle of Wight’s Crab & Lobster sign
0:35:10Listener info on geotagging cameras with compass GPS chips, “Google us” ad sign, Street View creepiness; listener reads from 1984 on surrender of privacy; Photoshopped photo of Patricia sitting on Cessna nose
0:46:44ACC lusting after Cirrus Vision SF50 “The Jet”, strength of fiberglass vs composites, “ballistic recovery system” parachutes for bad aviator decisions, VLJ revolution
0:57:18Gazprom CEO asserts future dominance with $1T market cap and $250 per barrel; Andrew Horowitz and energy price fixing, “Enron loophole” for gas; ACC Daily Source Code interview with EU “Starfleet Command” Viviane Reding, outrageous roaming and 15€/MB data fees, JCD’s prepaid burner phones, kids favoring text messaging over voice
1:15:05Skype dropouts with fast-forward, MP3 encoding rate, podcasts on USB/iPhone-connected cars vs CDs; JCD on sports talk and right-wing radio, ad tech podcasts; ACC podcast subscription rundown; podcast listening cycles, not listening vs unsubscribing
1:33:21JCD on 3.5-hour Phil Specter lecture at UC, danger of releasing two crappy singles or shows in a row; JCD on need to constantly update blogs; importance of headlines and subject lines, JCD on European magazine covers
1:42:39Mexican military murder in Phoenix, congressman’s relative kidnapped in Juarez, avoiding driving a nice-looking car, ruggedized and bulletproof cars in Brazil
1:45:36Uncle Don in Korea, North Korea removed from Axis of Evil; protests over reversal of ban on US beef imports, Uncle Don’s NYT op-ed, Korean troops in Iraq “following our invasion of that country”; tomato salmonella outbreak and untreated wastewater, no country of origin labeling, JCD coliform testing at Union Oil; Monsanto and WTO Codex Alimentarius; JCD on overseas bans for Monsanto GMO crops, JCD predicts lawsuits for plants found in the wild
2:01:47JCD on winning debate by putting a fanatic nut job on the right side