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379 The Soul Train of Podcasts (2012-02-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m gonna rufie you, rufie you!” (2:08:24)
0:00:31Producer Segment: radio host groans theatrically at caller’s No Agenda recommendation
0:10:20Cenk Uygur celebrates Black History Month with “Booger booger booger T. Washington”
0:13:12CNN cites FAA identification of “meteor” over Austin, Shep Smith uses NASA photos to promote Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon re-release; “not the one that captured Osama bin Laden” clip found, Seal Team Six movie promotion; Australian Transport Minister Anthony Albanese “serious challenges” speech stolen from Michael Douglas in The American President
0:22:46George Soros: “not much difference” between Romney and Obama; C-SPAN caller asserts “first wives club” will never accept Callista Gingrich; Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney “bought” primary with negative ads; Herman Cain and post-plastic-surgery Sarah Palin back in spotlight, JCD recommends first facelift at age 92; ACC predicts Megyn Kelly up next
0:34:11Dianne Feinstein attacks Los Angeles Times claim that David Petraeus is evasive with Congress, “I spoke with the reporter last Friday”, accuses White House of leaking classified information
0:40:45Producer note on Special Forces masquerading as Iranians on reconnaissance missions
0:44:35JCD story: Glock at Shot Show with fake CIA stripper booth babe
0:46:31ACC’s vivid dream with warning from trusted source and chemtrails in the morning
0:48:24British Education Secretary Michael Gove’s admiration for James Bond Moonraker villain Hugo Drax; JCD: What the Hell Are They Spraying? chemtrail documentary “suspicious”
0:52:51Cenk Uygur surprised the late Don Cornelius created “revolutionary” Soul Train, Cornelius’ 2008 conviction for assaulting his Russian supermodel Viktoria Avila, life insurance policy with two-year suicide limitation; ACC’s Jay Leno imitation
1:01:30British citizens harassed by DHS for “destroy America” and “dig up Marilyn Monroe” tweets as promotion for My Week with Marilyn; “Meryl Streep with a special in the morning tribute” at SAG Awards (CotD); CBP report on Marilyn Monroe “Tweeter” post
1:07:14CBS: Mitt Romney about to pick up a Secret Service detail; producer note on Lucifer Clinton’s Secret Service codenames “evergreen” and “broomstick”; cackling over vice presidency question, leaving “highwire of American politics”, “I didn’t watch any of those debates” lie; Obama “smart alec” in UK; “clippity-clop clip” of Lucifer lauding Mikheil Saakashvili for “defense and security cooperation”; Obama “taking place in Russia… uh, in, in Georgia” gaffe
1:19:58Obama “thank you Satan” from Show 132 revisited, inauguration “the power of alien saucers”
1:22:24Donation Segment: “we’d be the Soul Train of podcasts, baby!” ad with black actors tracing roots to “Thomas muthaf—-ing Jefferson!”
1:43:01CBS on $6.5bn doled out by Department of Energy to failing alternative energy companies; Leon Panetta meme-fest to 60 Minutes on droning American citizens: “if someone is a citizen of the United States and is a terrorist … in my book that person is a terrorist”
2:00:5073 killed at Egyptian soccer match; uninsured Greek players on strike, “crisis” ding-fest
2:05:24EU Parliament chaos after Martin Schulz shuts off Nigel Farage’s microphone; Haiku Herman pushing new “economic governance” treaty, 0.2% of GDP fine to “reinforce compliance”
2:14:59Michelle Obama’s $50,000 lingerie shopping spree at Agent Provocateur
2:17:07Dr. Drew Pinsky and Erin Brockovich to Anderson Pooper on Le Roy teen tic mystery
2:19:13Jay Carney laments GOP unwillingness to hike “revenue”, OMB spokeshole predicts 30% increase in revenues due to “new taxes and other collections that are scheduled to go into effect”; Sir Evelyn de Rothschild all-in on global currency, JCD watching Baltic Dry Index