Call Clooney!

377 Cleanest Dirty Shirt (2012-01-26)

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0:00:00(Excerpt from pre-stream with Die Walküre)
0:05:45Ms. Micky’s “that’s a great question” for ACC’s marriage proposal in rainy Bonaire
0:11:44Gloomy Hillary Clinton all in black at State of the Union, GOP side-by-side comparison with 2011 speech, student loan interest set to double in July; “coincidence” of resurrected SEAL Team 6 rescue operation in Somalia, MIA clip of Shep Smith saying “the same team that captured bin Laden”; Joe O’Biden: rescue authorized because of prisoner Jessica Buchanan’s failing health; JCD: al-Shabaab “used to be a doo-wop group in the 50s”; State of the Union by the chipper grey-haired Obama; hostages working for sketchy Danish Refugee Council
0:24:22Producer Segment
0:25:54State of the Union ratings down 12%, Valerie Jarrett sitting in Michelle Obama’s place; JCD predicts “finish the job” meme, YouTube “half a haircut” video; Alec Baldwin propagates nonsense to Piers Morgan that Hoover Dam project helped end the Great Depression, JCD: interstate system built to benefit trucking over railroads, Baldwin on presidential tendency to “let it rip” during second term, JCD: “there’s no examples of it, he’s full of shit!” (JCDPPotD)
0:40:44Gabby Giffords “thank… you… for… your… prayy-urrs” video with inspiring soundtrack; tearful Debbie Wasserman Schultz pays tribute, ACC: “cry more!”; Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s tarmac confrontation with Obama; Nancy Pelosi to John King: Gingrich presidency “isn’t going to happen”; ACC Red Book: Jeb Bush brought back to the island, Rasmussen poll: 33% of Americans want another Republican candidate; Jim DeMint on danger of GOP ignoring Ron Paul, Erin Burnett: “before we go, did you know Mitt Romney was a Mexican?” (CotD)
0:53:26Rev. Manning asserts Newt Gingrich’s father was a “liberal educated black man”
0:56:59John Kerry’s black eyes and broken nose tied CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou
1:04:22Obama State of the Union applause-ometer at 19 minutes in 2011 and 2012
1:05:41ACC’s brings Android Geiger counter app to bear on radioactive Chinese tissue holder
1:08:33And Now Back to Real News: John McCain’s lame “I was able to intercept a surface-to-air missile with my own airplane” stand-up routine; Uncle Don’s Chinese “tubadjo” joke
1:13:59China considering joining India in paying for Iranian oil with gold; hedge fund manager Kyle Bass on administration’s “kill the dollar” plan; ACC Strait of Hormuz USS Enterprise false flag theory; doom and gloom warnings from Christine Lagarde and George Soros
1:25:24This American Life origin story of Greek 16% debt; Pimco shill on creditors facing “principal loss in Greece or negative real interest rates in what we call the cleanest dirty shirt countries”
1:34:10Donation Segment: ACC’s unclaimed property in New Jersey
1:49:43Robert Bennett ditches MegaUpload; OPEN Act and Comcast DNSSEC issue with
1:54:32Vivek Kundra’s buddy Aneesh Chopra gushes about Michelle Obama on Twitter, “internet policy principles” buzzword-fest; Obama on his conversion to Christianity at age 30; White House Insider: Obamas laugh at religious people, Wall Street Insider on defunct Shore Bank rebranded Urban Partnership Bank linked to Pakistan, Obama, and Bill Clinton
2:10:33Shadow Puppet Theater: Wael Ghonim’s new book You Tweet You Want a Revolution
2:11:52And Now Back to Real News: RT Erin Burnett clone announces talk show with Julian Assange
2:14:32NYT & Chelsea Handler propagating “finish the job” meme; Scottish independence rumblings
2:20:34FAA to ban unlicensed drone operation, DHS WAASS Wide Area Aerial Surveillance System
2:23:18Joe Paterno memorialzed by “the big 33”; joint military training “drills” over LA
2:25:24Outro: end-of-show Rev. Manning on “Newton Leroy McPherson” and “Willard Romney”