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376 Party@Ecropolis (2012-01-22)

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0:00:00(Atmospheric excerpt from pre-stream.)
0:01:06ACC in Bonaire with “Lex Luthor and the Iranian Princess”, 600 Dutch government workers, €28M from EU for infrastructure; Twitter recommends JCD follow the late Soupy Sales
0:07:56Joe Paterno dead at 85, “why take a chance?” two to the head theory
0:12:02Erin Burnett: women love Gingrich when he says “red is blue”; JCD on Rush Limbaugh working for Romney via Bain Capital and Clear Channel, Fox & MSNBC obsessed with super PAC money flowing into the media, most frequent White House guest Rachel Maddow: “happy birthday to Citizens United”, former RNC chair Michael Powell: Gingrich looking forward to website visitors “writing a check”, Fox promoting Florida “money bomb”, Ed Schultz: Romney “gonna have to do it fast”; JCD: “this’ll be a close election the whole time, you watch”
0:24:38Rumors of massive donations to Obama’s 2008 campaign from overseas; distracted Neil Cavuto compares Ron Paul to “thin Rodney Dangerfield” and cuts him off
0:31:00Producer Segment: Read No Agenda crowdsourced transcriptions
0:39:14JCD Red Book: Gingrich forced to quit; Gary Johnson to MSNBC on Gingrich’s hypocritical death penalty proposal for marijuana; Alex Castellanos: Romney a “tweaker”; Rick Santorum’s “unhappy check” lie about his tax return
0:43:51$320M IRS web site upgrade, JCD: “that’s gotta include building a new IRS building!”
0:47:08Jon Stewart mocks idiot Rep. Mel Watt’s folksy endorsement of SOPA: “we need parallels in the virtual world to what we have in the real world”; “coincidental” indictment of MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom, indictment unavailable due to attack on by Anonymous, unencrypted e-mails and sketchy affiliates in Virginia, former Clinton attorney Robert Bennett to defend the company, ACC: “this is a PR operation”; Supreme Court upholds GATT copyright restoration; former Sen. Chris Dodd threatening Obama administration on behalf of Hollywood; British ISPs to force new subscribers to choose between filtered and unfiltered
1:08:02And Now Back to Real News: Entertainment Tonight “plug-o-rama”, Hollywood Hills severed head “straight from a movie plot”, Costa Concordia “the Titanic movie keeps coming up”; Ozzy Osbourne “CBS colonoscopy sweepstakes”; diabetic Paula Deen shilling for Novo Nordisk
1:17:44Ulsterman White House Insider on delay in court case against Kinde Durkee for stealing $5M in Dianne Feinstein campaign funds, Kam Kuwata opposing “miserable woman” Kamala Harris in attorney general race, ACC’s Obama twins theory, bin Laden assassination announced by Feinstein at Kuwata funeral; NewsHour 30-second spot for BNSF and Gates Foundation
1:29:18Donation Segment
1:37:47Russia, US, and EU talking Moon bases
1:38:28Ebay CEO John Donahoe at CES: “I like that person’s shoes, let me snap a picture”, JCD: “are you just a complete moron, you can’t buy a tie??” (JCDPPotD)
1:40:53TSA “real dickwad” at George Bush Intercontinental Airport X-ray machine yelling about “big appliance” in ACC’s bag, “we watched you walk” for Ms. Micky’s difference in leg lengths
1:48:00Party at the E-cropolis jingles; Institute of International Finance ditches talks with IMF
1:49:58Islamist candidates dominate Egyptian parliamentary elections; Lex Luthor’s “Persian Princess”: young Iranians getting accosted for adopting Western haircuts seen on YouTube
1:56:44Croatians vote to join EU; Irish journalist Vincent Browne grills ECB shills: “why are the Irish people required to pay billions to unguaranteed bondholders under threat to the ECB?”
2:04:22House and Senate versions of Enemy Expatriation Act; one more show from “Boner”