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372 Free Ponies for Everyone! (2012-01-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “These dogs are trained to lie!” (1:50:17)
0:00:32More Skype crashes for ACC, shelving installer hit in the mouth
0:02:21Lousy numbers for Republican debate up against football playoff game, slurring Dianne Sawyer “saluting” everyone, Mitt Romney irked by Jon Huntsman’s 他不太了解这个情形 tā bù tài liǎojiě zhège qíngxíng; Romney throws Tenth Amendment contraception question to Paul; idiotic answers to Saturday night “if you were a tree” question; Santorum the kid who got hit in the face playing dodgeball, “why because” he was on healthcare “board of directures”
0:13:17Producer Segment: ACC interview on Producer Maynard’s The Dirty Disbelievers
0:24:03Stammering Andrea Mitchell: Paul “not acceptable” to most voters; Santorum on bogus 8.5% unemployment rate because people “are not as hopeful as we’d like them to be”; Romney tangles with AP reporter Glen Johnson over claim that lobbyists are not running his campaign, press secretary Eric Fehrnstrom scolds Johnson “save your opinions and act professionally”
0:31:55Phil Donahue laments the US becoming “a warrior nation”; trailer for warmonger George Lucas’ Red Tails; Vermin Supreme to C-SPAN on the reason he is opposing “President Rominey” and promising “free ponies for all Americans”, “harnessing the awesome power of zombies” for energy independence; Santorum’s sponsorship of Jerry Sandusky for Congressional Angels in Adoption award, idiotic “there are only gay couples in certain states”; ACC recommends Readability browser plug-in for, “Progressives and the Ron Paul Fallacies” article
0:50:05Mike Huckabee to Fox & Friends: Congress’ approval rating “just barely above a pedophile”
0:53:30Fox news idiot delighted with her “nogoodniks” reinterpretation as “nogoodness”; NewsHour on Americans Elect pushing online primaries backed by globalist Webster Group
1:01:32Presidential Memorandum authorizing “defense articles and defense services” to South Sudan to “promote world peace”, UN finds no evidence of mass killings a day later; “internet in a suitcase” question in State Department Twitter press conference, $70M per year for 7,500 techno-experts; Jay Solomon to Charlie Rose on the danger of “financial war” against Iran
1:16:54Outstanding Food Product of the Week: Ottmar bread and butter pickles
1:20:09Donation Segment: iTunes image resizing debacle
1:37:22Kingsclere Hampshire residents perplexed by electronic anomalies potentially linked to EMP activity at nearby top secret military base; anti-chemtrail “we won’t be sprayed like a bunch of bugs” at Suffolk County New York hearing
1:42:57The Ellen Show quizzes clueless Jersey Shore women on political terminology
1:44:31Distraction of the Week: teen mistakenly deported to Colombia by ICE reunited with family in Texas, ACC plays Reunited for bogus alias “Tika Lanay Cortez”
1:48:42Supreme Court to hear warrantless drug-sniffing dog case, ACC predicts terrorist-sniffing dogs
1:54:32Bill O’Reilly scandalized by ACLU ranking Paul over Obama; Pentagon employee on hot mic: “two thirds of us laid off when Ron Paul is president”; New Hampshire Primary predictions
2:01:47Euro at 16-month low, Chinese investing in Portuguese power grid, Greece selling public property including four Airbus A340s, JCD: “what do they retail for?”
2:09:19Two to the head for two Top Gun pilots and a Navy SEAL, Berlusconi talent scout Dario “Lele” Mora tries to kill himself in prison; JCD on the hyper-rich buying private islands
2:13:04Idiotic January 23rd SOPA internet blackout meme; SOPA a potential distraction from PIPA; list of S.968 cosponsors who need to be voted out of office
2:21:12Producer en route to Abbottabad; ACC awaiting crazy Michelle stories in The Obamas